Mindset Hurdle #12: Weird People are Circling Me on Google Plus
►Bottom line is don't worry about it. Circling on G+ can be one way. Just like on Twitter, you don't have to follow people who follow you.  
►If someone is overtly creepy, stalker-ish or obscene, feel free to block them — but if you are merely confused about why they followed you, don’t stress over it.

I am working on a course about Google Plus for Content Creators (Bloggers) that will give you the tools and strategies for using G+ in a more efficient way so you aren't spinning your wheels here. Look for a fall release of Plus Moxie.

This is the final hurdle in a series of 12. See them all  at +12 Most       → http://12most.com/2014/03/31/12-crippling-mindset-hurdles-google/

You can find this pinned to my Google Plus Galore Pinterest board: http://www.pinterest.com/jimmiescollage/google-plus-galore/

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