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Haven't Listened to this podcast, but I think the overall idea is important: use social media as a statement of who you are. Colleges are watching.
[Podcast] +Social Assurity helps to explain how Social Media can be used as an asset for College Admissions & Scholarships. #payingforcollege   #collegeadmissions   #socialmedia  
Listen in:
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Just registered for April 29 Ignite Memphis Business Seminar organized by +James Alston of +Memphis Web Guys . Looks like a great night of networking and building skills right here in my own city.
#memphis   #business   #events  
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Thanks for sharing, +Jimmie Lanley It has been great getting to know you, and we are super glad that you are going to be a part!
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Jimmie Lanley

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The Way We Talk to Our Children Becomes Their Inner Voice
A powerful piece about realizing the power of our words in our children's lives.
This post does have offensive language as an example of what not to say. Before you tune out because of the profanity, consider the heart of the post. You may not use those words, but do you say other derogatory things? Or do you sigh as if your children are huge burdens that you would like to be done with? by +Amanda R
hat tip +hands on : as we grow 
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+javed masih I thought so too, Javed.
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How to Create More Professional Images for Blogging or Business
A lot of us are DIY graphic creators, and although our quality may not be top-notch, it gets the job done quickly and without extra expense. These tips from +Caroline Jones are wonderful guidelines for removing the DIY look from your work and letting your message shine through.
I especially love her tips about removing the background from an image (using a free online tool or Gimp). 
hat tip to +Robin Strohmaier 
#smallbiz   #graphicdesign   #bloggers  
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+Caroline Jones Definitely giving them a look Caroline! Thanks! :-)
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Newly painted table and chairs back in the kitchen.
Today was the first day of 2014 that I
*Wore sandals
*Did not wear a jacket
*Opened a window
*Did not feel cold
It was so invigorating to paint a double chaise lounge in the backyard with my teen, put away the electric blanket, take the winter comforter to the cleaners, make new curtains, and do general tidying inside and out. A totally offline and domestic day of getting things done IRL is so rewarding!
Azaleas and dogwood are from my yard. Kombucha is brewing on the counter.
Life is good. I am blessed.
#homemaking #painting #furniture
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Gorgeous, Jimmie!  
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Interview Tips
I thought these were fantastic podcast or Hangout on Air how-tos from +Shannon Hernandez . Don't miss is analogy to magic with a misdirection technique that keeps the conversation away from predictable topics.
I used to think interviewing was no big deal. I mean, all you do is sit and listen. Obviously listening well and asking the right questions are much more difficult that I originally thought.
Here are podcasters and HoA moderators with great skills I've seen first hand in personal interviews. I know they will appreciate and benefit from Shannon's article (and the comments on his original share). In fact, I will disable comments here so you will go comment over there on his original post. 
+Carol Dodsley 
+Melanie Wilson 
+Jeremy Jesenovec 
+John Wilkerson 
+Devin Dabney 
+Demetria Zinga 
+Dianna Kennedy 
Interview Tips for Podcast and Hangouts On-Air Hosts

This weekend I managed to get a couple of interviews under my belt in the rock world.  

Interviews can be tricky because how you ask questions is based on the nature of your interviewee.  There are a number of factors that go into conducting your interview, but if you're just starting out or a seasoned veteran, some of these tips might help you out.

One of these tips I have taken from the magician's world and it works like a charm every time I use it.

Learn more about it here:

#podcasting   #interviewtips   #hoatips   #TL   #misdirection   #smile   #voiceover   
If you're struggling with creating interview questions for your podcast or Hangout On-Air, check out these interview tips for your next one!
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Confident Women Succeed
at 2:48 in the video -When determining whether or not to apply for a job, women ask themselves if they can do 100% of the tasks listed in the job description. Men figure if they can do 60% of it, they should apply. 
at 6:30 in the video -Katty uses phrase "hold forth." That's a fantastic phrase that I don't use as an American but I want to start using it. Push through the fear and don't feel inadequate because you are afraid.
at 9:00 in the video - Confidence is a greater predictor of success than competence. Say what? This is troubling but true according to research. 

My takeaways:
1• Take more risks. Just do it. Don't be afraid to fail or look dumb. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
2• Instilling confidence in my daughter should be a top priority in my raising of her.
3• Stop obsessing over possible gaffes or mistakes. Just move forward and see number 1.
4• You can do it doesn't mean you can do 100%. Maybe 60% is adequate.
#women   #entrepreneurship   #confidence  
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Personal Branding for Teens
This matters. In our constantly connected world, everything we put online is branding us whether we realize it or not. We need to have these conversations with our tweens and teens. And I mean moving beyond things like internet safety and cyberbullying.
We've talked about those kinds of things in a +iHomeschool Network hangout Kids, Social Media and Internet Safety for Homeschooling Families
What +Jill Celeste means is moving beyond preventing disaster and moving into using social media in a proactive say to define yourself and create a reputation that will help with college admission, scholarship awards, and job hunting. It is aligned with what +Jonathan Harris teaches in his 10K to Talent materials. Let's teach our teens to use social media for personal branding in ways that help them really make a difference.
#homeschool   #branding   #marketing   #teens   #college  
4 Personal Branding Tips For Students

If someone is old enough to post on social media, then they are old enough to understand the basics of personal branding.

If you are a student in middle school, high school or college, start paying attention to your personal brand right away. Here are some personal branding tips to consider if you are still in school, and ready to go to the next level of your academic or professional career:

1) Watch what you post on social media
2) Delete anything incriminating
3) Use social media to your advantage
4) Ask for help

Read more:

Pin to read later:

#personalbranding   #parenting   #students  
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Very important info to share.  Universities, employers, banks, etc use an individuals soc media platforms as additional info when reviewing applications for entrance, employment, loans, etc.  
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Emma's (age 14) application and portfolio are ready to be sent. She is applying for a scholarship at the Memphis College of Art's summer art camp where she is enrolled for two weeks in June. So proud of my young artist's dedication to her sport, as she refers to art.
#art #homeschool #scholarship 
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That's awesome Jimmie!  Keep us posted!
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I Can’t Homeschool Because I’m a Work at Home Mom 
This is a common misconception, but you actually can both work and homeschool. I work at home, but there are other homeschool moms who work outside of the home and manage to juggle both roles successfully. It's not easy, but nothing worthwhile is.
To enrich this post from a year ago, I updated it with a video from last week's iHomeschool Hangout about the same topic. 
#WAHM   #homeschool  
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+Joni Noel Well, welcome to G+! Yes, let's meet in Cincy!
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Basic Information
Tripp at Wired to Go did a fantastic job on my under cabinet lights in my kitchen remodel. I have one side of the kitchen on one dimmer and the other side on another. He came out first to assess the situation and show me my options for dimmer switches. Once it was time for the work to happen, Tripp was more than willing to coordinate with the tile installer to help me get the work done faster. My wiring was a bit tricky up in the attic, but Tripp got it done without any complaining or extra fees. The lights are fantastic for giving me a very visible work surface in the kitchen. I don't even need the overhead lights because the under cabinet lights focus the light right where I need it. I get so many compliments on my tile backsplash because the lights really set them off. The wires are all discreetly hidden inside the cabinet. I have to look to see them, and even then I often can't find them. About a week after my installation, I noticed that the lights on one side of my kitchen would not longer totally turn off. I gave Tripp a call, and he showed up the next day at my convenience to replace the dimmer. That solved the problem. Tripp is a nice guy. Dependable, honest, and stands behind his work. I recommend him.
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In one month, I've had to call Mr. Rooter twice. The first time was a frozen pipe in the attic that resulted in water gushing from the ceiling and walls into two rooms in my house. Being a new home owner, I didn't have the tool I needed to turn off the water main. As I watched my house flood and waited for the water department to show up, Bob Geisenhoff drove through my neighborhood in a red Mr. Rooter van! (It was a miracle!) I flagged him down and asked for help. Of course, he had the needed tool and shut my water off lickety split. Better yet, he outlined who we needed to call and the steps to take to fix the damage and the plumbing. He was calm and helpful and really helped me put the whole situation into perspective. He came back in a few hours to get the plumbing sorted and our water back on. Later he made the needed repairs to totally fix the situation. In all, he spent a lot of time with us explaining all of our options, answering all of my very ignorant questions, and helping us choose the best course of action. He is an amazingly patient man. Again this month I have had a broken pipe! But this second time, I knew what to do. I have my own water key now, so I can shut off the water main. And my next step was to call Mr. Rooter and ask for Plumber Bob. He was there within three hours to quickly solve the problem and tell me how to prevent it. Bob is a genuinely nice guy who really cares about the home owner. I am a sold out Mr. Rooter fan because of him.
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We booked an excursion to Xcaret through Norwegian Cruise Lines. In terms of the park itself, it is an outstanding experience. I give it five stars. However, in terms of a cruise excursion, don't do it. Because your time off the boat is so limited, I don't recommend Xcaret as a cruise excursion. Your ship lets you off in Cozumel, quite far from Playa Del Carmen. For us, we had to take a tender (boat) to the dock and then another boat (maybe 40 minutes) to Playa Del Carmen. From there, it was a short 15 minute van ride. The park is very huge and full of fun things to do. We had only 3-4 hours, and we left feeling cheated of all the wonderful activities we didn't have a chance to do. We did swim in the partially underground, partially above ground artificial "river." That was fun. We also saw many of the aquatic animals and ate an amazing seafood buffet on the beach. It was expensive ($29 per person) but oh so delicious. Afterwards we lazed for a while in hammocks on the beach as a local band with accordion and guitars played. It was the epitome of a vacation moment -- beach, sunshine, light music, a happy belly. I actually dozed for a few minutes. But then we jumped up to enjoy the rest of our limited time at the park. It felt rushed, and we hated to leave when our time was up. If you are taking a vacation to Playa del Carmen, I highly recommend the park. But for a cruise excursion, the time is just too short.
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You will not find a more patient, upbeat medical office anywhere in the Memphis area. The office staff (especially Maria) is incredibly friendly. And it's not a fake smile just to get you out the door quicker. There is a genuine concern about your health, your pain levels, your financial matters, your scheduling issues, etc. Dr. Wilson patiently answers my questions week after week and is supportive of our medical choices. The massage therapists are professional and skilled. The physical therapists are just the right blend of kindness and toughness. I take my daughter to her appointments there, so I get a chance to stand back and watch what goes on. When people are in pain, they can be rude, impatient complainers. I see patients like that there. But the staff at Spinal Health Care astounds me with their kind replies in dealing with all kinds of people. I never see anyone treated as a second class citizen; I never hear trash talk or gossip in the halls. These people are professionals, and they all seem to truly enjoy their jobs.
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We booked a combination Tiki Beach and wreck snorkel package with Norwegian Cruise Lines. Of our three ports of call, this was my favorite because it was close to the docking location and didn't require long transport elsewhere. Tiki beach was beautiful! One side had a very noisy bar with a not so family-friendly atmosphere. We stuck to the other side of the beach where it was less riotous. I only wish that there had been pleasant music playing instead of the blaring techno-dance stuff that was blaring from that crazy bar. We had a very delicious, yet expensive, meal right on the beach. Do be careful because the prices are in Cayman dollars not USD. We expect to spend a lot on vacation. Don't let it ruin your experience. Just enjoy the food. It really was excellent for beach fare. We had conch fritters, a Jamaican jerk pork panini and a Jamaican jerk chicken and pasta dish. Just excellent food with fresh ingredients. I am somewhat of a foodie, and I was impressed. The beach was beautiful white sand and despite the raucous music a very delightful way to spend a few hours. I highly recommend it.
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We booked a shore excursion with Dolphin Cove through Norwegian Cruise Lines in Dec. 2013. It was an outstanding experience. Our guide was Tracey Morgan. She made the long van ride enjoyable by sharing facts about Jamaica and its history. She was very clear about what we would experience, how much time we would have, and when to be back on the van. We were pleasantly surprised to find that our lunch was included in the excursion even though we were told by NCL that no food was included. At Dolphin Cove, the shop keepers were friendly and even offered free samples of the famous Blue Mountain coffee and local rum. The photographers took dozens of photos and had them printed out almost instantly for us. We did the shark experience where we touched and swam with nurse sharks. Amazing. Just amazing. Demetrius walked us through the process step by step, making sure we would be safe in the water with the sharks. The actual experience was just like he prepped us. The guides were amazingly friendly and seemed very passionate about their jobs and making sure we had a great time. And we did. I fully recommend the Dolphin Cove for family fun in Jamaica. It was a fantastic experience. I only wish we had had a full day to spend there.
• • •
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Outstanding. This museum covers far more than just creation. It is more truly a Bible history museum. The science and history displays were engrossing. The outside garden areas are large and beautiful. Even the restaurant was decent and not overpriced. And the petting zoo was hilarious! There truly is something for everyone and every age -- planetarium shows, interactive workshops with hands-on activities, and movies. A very worthwhile family trip. Plan on spending an entire day at the museum.
• • •
Appeal: ExcellentFacilities: ExcellentService: Excellent
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