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St. Paul and the Broken Bones - Champagne Halloween
04 Champagne Halloween
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The perfect cosplay: Bryan Cranston x Bryan Cranston
[Breaking Bad panel from Comic-Con 2013]
#breakingbad   #sandiegocomiccon  
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Did you know +LEGO  has a tool for this now? It's made from nuclear bombs or something...
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Colorful peace
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A tiny dog got a haircut.  #wheredidthedogGo  
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Open Letter to Self Magazine:

Self mag,

I would like to inform you of the multitude of levels of "wrong" you have just perpetrated. I do this, not because you don't realize it in hindsight, because you may try to allow yourself (entity) to focus on one singular aspect of this failure to humanity and general acceptance of your fellow human.

You didn't just inadvertently make fun of a cancer warrior by "accident".

Here is what you have done:

1. You made fun of women exercising for health.

2. You made fun of women exercising for fun.

3. You made fun of women being ambassadors to the world for running and exercising in general.

4. You made fun of women being creative and showing others how to make something that may seem daunting and/or grueling, possible to be made fun and light hearted.

5. You made fun of a charitable person giving back to the world.

 6. You made fun of fun.

7. You made fun of two people for doing something they wanted to do, that doesn't hurt anyone else and quite frankly shouldn't be offensive to the mass majority of the world. (outside of cultures oppressive to women. Wait?! Is Self Magazine an oppressive nation/religion/concept? If so, I respect your right to be a douche bag.)

8. You just won +Philip DeFranco  douchebag of the day award today. No doubt.

9. You just lost soooo many cool points.

10. You just lost some readership.

11. You are a magazine, and forgot that print media is unfortunately dwindling and your online media is subject to stiffer competition than ever existed in the history of business in any industry.

12. You just became a "fun-killer". Yep.

13. You forgot about the power of the mighty internet scorn. Many times it's unwarranted, but not this time.

14. You acted in a manner unbecoming of a person, but did so with the power and authority of a world voice from a soapbox of judgment.

15. You acted in a dishonest way by misleading the focus of your hate when you requested permission to use the photo. You knew you were going to vilify her and allowed her to believe whatever she needed to believe to give you permission. You are a monster of a tabloid now. A monster. What line do you use to get a baby to give up it's sugary treat?

There are so many more infractions, but I think the point is clear. You failed to be compassionate, endearing, thorough, caring, interested, and human. You failed to be a journalistic magazine and became a fear/hate mongering rag, spewing editorial opinion in a skewed fashion. You misled, smeared, insulted, and failed.

Here's your free advertising:



The majority of the planet, douchebag.
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Space is big. It's so incredibly big, and so empty, that it can be hard for any of us -- even scientists -- to really emotionally grasp it. This site shows us one of those things that we almost never see, and for good reason: a scale drawing of the Solar System, with the Moon being one pixel across. Scale drawings you normally see will either show the planets to scale, or the distances between them to scale, but not both; if you show them both to the same scale, well... you're going to have a long way to scroll. Worth makes the time pass with little remarks and thoughts on the way.

The way to Pluto, that is. This map doesn't show any of the trans-Plutonian dwarves; you would have to scroll for a long, long time to get to them. (See for why)

So as you move off into the interplanetary void, just remember:

Space is big
Space is dark
It's hard to find
A place to park.
Burma Shave
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Each interaction with a person is a “moment of trust”

Behavior matters, especially for building trust. The truth is that in each relationship what you do and how you do it has a greater impact than anything you say. You can say “I love you” to someone, but only through the right action you are able to convince. Words can be wonderful, but without the right action they are useless. When words are followed by the right validating behavior, they can increase trust.
Trust is established through action. ~ Hank Paulson, Goldman Sachs
But how can we increase trust through behavior?

Read and follow these 13 points of behavior:

1. Talk straight, tell the truth
2. Demonstrate respect
3. Create transparency
4. Know what is right and what is wrong
5. Show loyalty and give credit to others
6. Deliver results
7. Get better and improve capabilities
8. Confront reality
9. Clarify expectations and make things happen
10. Practice accountability
11. Extend trust … trust people and they will trust you
12. Listen first before you speak and act
13. Keep commitments
Keep in mind that each interaction with a person is a “moment of trust”.

#trust   #relationship   #behavior   #interaction  
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"One of the top 10 hardest things one can do in life is to ask for help. It violates the sanctity of independence and strength in the askers mind, and shows strength and resilience in the observers mind." --- JG "Everyone can benefit from having a Hero." --- JG
Not much to say.  

I like learning new things and news that isn't about instilling fear into people so that they might watch or read more of it. 

I'm most interested in Tech, Science, and Current Events.  I love an interesting photograph as much as the next.  Humor is king.  Too much of life requires a certain amount of seriousness.  Humor is what I do with my personal time and as much of my professional time as I can.

I don't want your Porn feeds/links, etc.  If I want porn, I'll find it myself or simply get with my wife.

I don't want you to sell me anything.  I shop and buy on my own.  I'm not a great "cold call" recipient.

I'll add you back to the appropriate circle if you have interesting content posted publicly on your profile.  I don't want to be forced to answer the moral dilemma of if I should share something you shared with a limited audience.  Unless you are one of the top people to follow on G+, Generally accepted as exclusive, or have somehow enlightened me with your sharing, limited audience posters just don't hold much draw for me.

I'm not sharing my personal life with anyone that isn't a RL friend.  That's what FB is for for most people and it isn't for me, that's why I'm here.

I'm not a fan-boy, unless you think being a fan of things that are awesome is a fan-boy.  By my definition, fan-boys eat whatever dog food is dished out by a brand.  I don't do that.  Each thing stands on its own merit.  It is either good or not.  If it's good, you will hear about it from me.  If not, I probably won't tell you anything unless you ask or assert some fanboy accolades about it.

I love my wife.  If you think you are going to entice me into something on the premise of sexual innuendo, attraction, or anything along those lines, you are wrong.  I have some pretty extreme views about morality and character.  Don't add me.

I have strong views when I have decided.  before that I am just a devil's advocate until I make up my mind.

If you have read this far or just skipped down to the bottom.  Yeah, I just caught everyone that actually clicked into my profile with that statement.  Admit it, you were one of those two.  Sean Bonner and Wil Wheaton are using G+ correctly.  They are the models of what I expect here.  There are others, but I added them early on and haven't regretted one second of it.  Good content, at a good pace, laced with their opinion but not in a overbearing way.  Check them out if you haven't.
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