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If we ever got a car, +Tom Harper might be interested in this =)
Espresso Machine for Your Car ... Neatorama - "Didn't have time to brew your own cup of coffee in the morning and buying drive-thru coffee is too plebeian for your sophisticated palate? This nifty thing is for you: the Handpresso Auto espresso maker. Just plug it into your car's cigarette lighter and you'll have a proper cup of coffee in no time ..." more:
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is this the place where I admit that I have a boxful of paper espresso cups, so that if I don't have time to drink one (or more) before leaving the house, I can make my own take-away?
I manage to stick to filter coffee, for better or for worse.
I heard you like coffee, so we put an espresso machine in your car so you can caffeinate while you drive.
From the folks who brought us the convenience and safety of Driving While Texting comes the all new Driving While Espresso-Making! What a brilliant idea. Now the guy who plows into my car can shrug and say, "Sorry, dude. I was timing my shot."
Dear santa..... !!!!!!!!!!!!11111oneoneeleven
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