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Jim Ward-Nichols

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Just sharing: Even though this is still totally theoretical, I believe with all my heart and soul that we live in a holographic multiverse that was designed to appear infinitely large and impossibly old but is, at most, around 7,000-10,000 years old and is a mere fraction of the size the best and brightest minds believe it to me. Also - I believe that all interactions between sentient beings on this planet (and their life circumstances in general) are entirely shaped by each being's DNA Capability Set (DCS) and how that DCS has interacted with every other DCS (ever) since that being was born - even while the being was in the womb. Growth/Evolution (of the being itself and every single one of the being's ancestors) is entirely governed by gazillion-variable "wave-function"- like equations and there are different equations running the show for each set of beings (down to the tiniest insect) inside each of the copies of the multiverse. It's a highly choreographed free-for-all! And it's mind-boggling! But... of course... it is just a theory... "Jim's Theory of Everything"... one theory amongst millions... or... billions... so... anyway...

Jim Ward-Nichols

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Wow! That was my first G+ post in, like, a gazillion years!
I haven't used G+ in nearly two years. So... unless you're a SPECIAL NEW ULTRA-INSIDER who I will use Hangouts with for video chats (waves knowingly to this exquisitely "not normal" being), please don't add me to your circles cuz I will just block you immediately since G+ doesn't have a way to remove total stangers who add me to one of their dopey G+ circles. OK? OK. Glad we understand each other. ;-)

I was one of the first folks on G+ and may have been one of the first to grow bored with it and "leave" ~ but I did have a gazillion people in my circles back in the Glory Days (fall of 2011?). :p

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"Knows more HARD-CORE math than 95% of his Fellow Earthlings." <--- a conservative esimtate, BTW, from a True Math-Lover
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  • Ummm... no. Google does not need this data for any reasonable purpose.
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