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I'm curious if anyone knows of any significant science fiction written in any language other than English, French (Verne) or Polish (Lem). I'm guessing that there's some Japanese science fiction out there (and I don't mean anime or manga, I mean novels), but I'm completely unaware of it. I'm particularly interested in Chinese, since science fiction has often been used as a way to get around censorship and a commentary on current events, but any language would do.

No particular reason, I just get the sense that science fiction is a very English-centered genre and it's good to have your world broadened.
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William beat me to it - try to get your hands on some A. & B. Strugatsky, they range from good old-fashioned hard SF to more philosophical stuff with nary a spaceship in sight. From here try Hard to be a God for the former, and The Time Wanderers for the latter.
+Josef Komenda: Of course, RUR, I should have remembered that. And I can't believe I forgot the Russians as well.
Vertical is another manga publisher which also translates prose books. Most of their non-comics stuff looks like it is either mystery or non-fiction, but they have this, which again, I haven't read:
There's a series of Japanese sf novels which I've heard are quite good. "Seikai no Senki," I believe, is the name (can't remember if that's the series name or just the first book). Translates to "Crest of the Stars," I think. There was an anime version that was quite good, but it started life as novels.
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