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Dear Mr Ji m thank you for your help .... you helped me a lot to understand a lot of things about Linux specially Ubuntu...
Jim.. do you have any updates on Pear OS or Clementine OS? I can't seem to find anything online since march of 2014. Thank you.
Thanks for the post and the PPA. 

I had issues writing to an ISO file. But per the comments on your site, it was resolved by installing mjpegtools:

My system Lubuntu 14.04
Command to install:
sudo apt-get install mjpegtools

Hope it is helpful for others.

Thanks again, +Ji m!
Mr Jim is a man who helps us indirectly. thank you
ji m , i have a problem with freecad. when i am trying to draw 2d object to make it 3d object the plane is moving but i'm unable to draw circles,,etc..  before i used to get it. i removed that package and installed it again but i'm facing the same problem. can you try to give me the solution plzz???
sorry to include my question here but how do i install the video drivers in ubuntu ... this is my fresh install ... till date i have only installed vlc and its working bad... frames per frames i have to watch anything in vlc.... help

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