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I'm proud of this story about powerful female heroes working together to defeat evil. And even a little proud of the dumb 70s TV show jokes.

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You can make fun of corporate America without hating corporate America.

A little irritation helps, though.

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Big day for me today. Big, big day. To coin a phrase: Huge.

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The Elements of Self-Loathing in self-publishing.

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Added photos to Extra Life 2015.

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Ungrump is still a thing. Here are some posts from this week:

* Immature writing: guilty as charged  (
* Staphon Cloark: fashion forward  (
* Costco: the game that you're probably losing  (
* Ungrump Rex: listening through the door  (

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Ungrump is still a thing. What did you miss this week?

* Captain Major doesn't know how to talk
* Excerpts from Nuwanda, a sketch about a reunion inside the Dead Poets Society cave
* Emacs as nerd litmus test
* I figured out what Larry Wilmore's new show is called the Nightly Show
* Notes on what success means to me

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Ungrump is still a thing, everybody.  What's new?

* Stupid things I do at work and so can you!
* Cary Elwes wrote a book! I read the crap out of it.
* I complained about having to have a coherent plot. Augh!
* I described a fictional man's body in deeply discomfiting terms.

Truly, something for everyone.

One thing I learned this week: when I get an error installing a package onto my Nexus 4 for testing, I can fix the error by deleting the app-debug.apk. Seems like the permissions or build of the debug apk are somehow corrupted. Rebuilding it has solved all the install errors I've encountered so far.

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