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$200 for the mechanical bits of this CNC mill. Just add arduino, some servos, a dremel, and some bits and bobs and you've got a table top 3D CNC mill (with limits)

You can get a full kit with all the bits and bobs for $650, but I just grabbed the bare mechanical kit. Now I have to wait a few weeks for it to get here...
On April 1, Inventables made Shapeoko kits available for the first time. No fooling! This low-cost CNC mill comes in three versions and each features…
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very cool idea. Ive been thinking about Arduino for awhile. I don't want another thing just collecting dust though..
The problem with arduino isn't figuring out what to use it for, the problem is when you are using one for something, and you realize another one is needed to do something else...

They make great dev boards, build something, throw an arduino at it, when it's nailed down feature wise, you can transition the ucontroller to one of the base atmel chips and reuse the arduino on the next project. The Atmel 328 (base for the arduino) can be had for a couple $$, add in about another $3 for a few bits, and you can replace the $20+ arduino. That said, if you are building for your own use, the arduino usually just stays there, and you buy another one for the next project :P
Feed rate is pretty slow. That said, it's fast enough for hobby use, and the basic mechanical framework has potential for much more. But the limit is the rotary tool. One of the videos on the inventables site shows it cutting a bit of plastic for a motor mount, takes maybe 5 min to cut the ~20mm thick piece out. Lots of passes. I suspect they are being a tad cautious. I wouldn't expect to use it in a production setting. But I am willing to wait a few minutes for the stuff I do. I'd take longer to do it by hand (and mess it up most like anyway)
I've looked at the propellor chip, haven't gone past the limits of the Atmel series yet. Will likely grab a dev board at sometime in the not too distant future to play with though.
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