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Just what I suspected, more research shows that humans are re-creating the great Permian Extinction.

If we continue to avoid taking action against oil and coal pollution we will kill off most of life on earth. We've known that since the 70's but vast amounts of research, not wild speculation, is narrowing the focus.

California is moving toward a more sustainable environment as fast our our right-wing Republican anchors can drag behind us :-) (I voted for Arnold Schwarzenegger only because he really worked at moving California forward on this issue.)

"The surprise to Dr. Clapham was how closely the findings from the Great Dying matched today’s trends in ocean chemistry. High concentrations of carbon-based gases in the atmosphere are leading to warming, rapid acidification and low-oxygen dead zones in the oceans."

PS: This is just more research with the same conclusion, not anything wildly new. Nice new approach though.

Humans are pumping the Carboniferous period of geologic history, the time when huge amounts of carbon were sucked out of the atmosphere and oceans to create coal and oil, back into the air and oceans. This happened before - on a smaller scale!

A hundred million years after the Carboniferous huge lava flows in what is now Siberia burned through coal seams and put too much carbon back in the atmosphere and oceans. That killed about 95% of life. That was the end of the huge explosion of life in the Permian period.
Painstaking analyses of fossils from the Permian extinction, 252 million years ago, are providing startling new clues to the behavior of modern marine life and its future.
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Its on a different topic, but one that I had never heard about. the ocean acidifcation issue is never mentioned, but here we see that 1/2 of our oxygen comes from a war between bacteria in the ocean. This war is not one we want to end, we do not want one side to win becuase the conflict is what creates the O2 for us. Its truly amazing. Even if we found an artificial way to keep our temperatures down, ocean acidification could upset the balance in this war and still suffocate us.

Most people aren't picking up on this major issue. They think climate = weather and global warming is a problem if it gets hotter.

Another massive issue is the release of methane gas from the Arctic as that region warms, and the high latitudes are warming much faster than the rest of the world. As the tundra warms it will release vast amounts of gas that poison the air we breath. Same with the Arctic Ocean. All this is happening right now and getting worse.

What took 100,000 to 200,000 years during the Permian die-off is on course to take a few centuries now, or less.
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