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Un-freaking real. Way to go Patriots.

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Equating a QBs ball pressure preference to an organization that puts bounties out on opposing players is simply asinine. The inflation of the balls is NOT about a competitive advantage. It's merely a preference. Case in point, the Pats scored 28 points in the second half with properly inflated balls versus 17 points in the first half with the under inflated balls. The hyperbolic rhetoric being expounded by self important pundits is getting out of hand. At most the team should get a fine and or loose draft picks. 
Who DOESN'T have an opinion on this right now. He does make some good points though. 

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Unlocked Moto X

Dear Google,

I want to purchase a Nexus 10 but I'm having a hard time coming to grips with an extra 16GB of storage costing $100 more. What gives?  

Quick suggestion for Google+ UI. The sidebar items like Trending on Google+, Invite Friends, and You Might Like should have a fixed location and not scroll with the rest of my stream.

Liking the "design language" of today's Google+ user interface update. Will be fun to see where they take this over the coming months.

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Chance to win a sweet android tablet
Hey, folks! We're giving away a couple of ASUS Tranformer Primes with NVIDIA's help.

Two ways to enter. One is to circle us and share this post. That simple.

The other is to enter through this forum thread (

Entries will end at 8 a.m. PDT Monday morning. Good luck!

Verizon Galaxy Nexus ergonomic first impressions. No doubt about it, it's a big phone. Possible a tad too big for my medium sized hands. Its wider, taller and just a smig thinner than my Droid X. The back of the phone, although textured, feels too slick for my taste. The overall weight is just about perfect and it doesn't feel too lite or hollow. It does have a slight bottom biased weight distribution that will take some time to get used to coming from the rather neutral Droid X. The Droid X has a hump on the its top back which I was accustom to resting my index finger under and would in a sense "hang" the phone over my other figures. This resulted in my thumb naturally being at the top of the phone which was convenient for getting to the status bar pull down. The Nexus has a hump on its back bottom. My index finger feels lost. So far I'm not finding the Nexus hump to be as good a "hold" has the Droid X. I'm fining myself palming the Nexus as opposed to finger cradling it like the Droid X. This palming results in more restricted thumb movement 0Even though the Droid X was large I could handle most operations one handed. So far the Nexus is feeling like a two handed device. The Nexus only has physical keys for power and volume. These keys are easy to find by touch and have a nice discernible "click". The placement of the keys will take some time to get used to coming from the Droid X where the volume rocker is placed where the power button is on the Nexus. In my opinion a top center power button like on the X is easy to get to regardless of which hand you hold the phone in. I'm right handed and hold my phone predominantly in my left hand. This means the Nexus' power button falls nicely inline with my left index finger (wrapped around to the power button on the right side of the phone). However my thumb is on the left side of the phone and when triggering the power button my thumb tends to squeeze down on the top of the volume rocker which is located on the left hand side of the phone. It will take a little practice to place my thumb higher up on the left to avoid the volume rocker. The jury is still out on the on screen soft keys for home, back, task switching and occasionally menu. Speaking of the screen, it's very nice and with the high resolution I do not see any ill affect of the underlying pentile sub-pixel arrangement. Being my first device with a AMOLED screen the ultra vibrant colors will take some getting used to. I'm looking forward to getting to know my Nexus better :-)

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What I do for a living in a simple to understand video. The simple user interface referred to and shown briefly is the part that I develop.

Preview of the Avance High Availability Software Solution
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