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I am excited to announce I won the "Silver" award in the "Reefscapes" category of the DEEP Indonesia 2012 photo contest with the image below. I am honored.

The link to all the winners:

My prize is 9 days of diving and a 10 night stay at the Minahasa Lagoon Dive & Tours Club. If any one has experience with this area and has any suggestions on nearby places to visit, please let me know. Lembeh strait is nearby, but Wakatobi may require an additional $1200 in flights, so I may not be able to get there despite it being relatively close.
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Congratulations!....I really like how you've used the BW. A great image and prize. Hopefully you can get there.
宇宙的な感じがしますね( ゚д゚ )
SO cool! And a great pic you won with, too!
Beautiful image and what a fantastic prize. Congratulations!
Fantastic. Congratulations. Enjoy your prize and take lots of photos to show us those beautiful places
Congratulations Jim - great image! That's a fantastic prize - hard to go wrong with diving in Indonesia.
Congratulations for the highly deserved recognition!
Congrats!! And very nice prize!! Sure we will see some photos from Minahasa!
One of my favourite all time images of yours - it should have been gold!
There's a wonderful otherworldly feeling to this photograph.
Inspiring image.. Congratulations!
Congratulations, +Jim Patterson !
Your underwater work is always amazing. Have a great trip and bring back more award winners ;-)
Congrats JP, very well deserved. The shot is awesome!
congrats ... you already know that I am a serious fan of your underwater work!
Brilliant image, Jim! Congratulations!!
congrats Jim, I know how much you hate diving, so sorry for your luck.
Nicely done Jim!!!!! I hope you have a great time and get lots of great views to show us.
Beautiful monochrome, can't get my eyes off it ;)
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