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Good Morning!

Well, it is morning here in California, and now that the coffee is done, I am headed out the door to go SCUBA diving in Monterey. I've been out of the diving scene for awhile, but I hope to get back into creating underwater imagery.

Here's a self portrait from a few years back for the #selfiesunday  theme here on G+. Have fun and be safe my friends!
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+Benjamin Timmins that's too bad. But, ear problems are what have kept me out of diving for so long. That and finding landscape photography as a passion. :) I'm hoping the ear problems will be minimal if I take better care of myself and don't push it.
Lo siento, pero de alguna manera hay que empezar el día. saludos.
Jim, are you in Monterey today? If so, we should meet up! I'm at Monterey Shootout with +Jason Bradley judging the shootout right now.
Awesome! Have a great time diving! 
+Eric Cheng yeah, I did a couple dives in Monterey today. I got your message after I hit the road back to Santa Cruz. Maybe next time! +Jason Bradley keeps telling me we should dive off his boat. Maybe the three of us should go out sometime. I'm sure the shootout was a blast. Hopefully, I can compete next year.
+David Safanda it's ok, the dials are all small compared to what I'm used to, so changing shutter speeds and aperture takes more of a concerted effort. The shutter release is too close to the aperture dial, too. So far, those are my only complaints, but I've only used it for 3 dives. Oh, and this is the D800 housing. The D7000 housing has better spacing between the aperture and shutter, but I think you have a D800, no? If you need any Ikelite products, let me know. The shop I work for is a dealer.
+David Safanda not underwater. The 14-24mm won't fit through Ikelite's port opening and is unsupported by them. I've also read about the poor corner performance over at wetpixel. I've read the 16-35mm isn't as bad, so I may use that if I want a more "normal" focal length.
Hey, you finally photographed a sea monster.  Wow, he's an ugly one too.  But you got proof, he does exist.
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