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Authorities confirm another asylum seeker boat has capsized north of Christmas Island, with an estimated 150 people on board. Follow the latest developments on our live blog.
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Hm, don't wanna seem cold but eh, next news story... 
This is the next news story, +Dan Wilcox . This is another boat going down an hour or so ago.
I take it this is a common problem in Australia? 
If the avoidable drowning of people can be described as a "common problem" +Dan Wilcox , then the answer is yes.
OK, I retract what I said before. I come off as sounding like a dick.. My bad...
You're not a dick, +Dan Wilcox , far from it. The real dicks are those that do not think at all.
What's the situation in Indonesia that they're trying to make it to Australia? What's this about Afghans?
Okay, so they're just making their way to the nearest countries that they can be assured of good treatment in and asylum. I wondered. We keep hearing about how much the situation has improved in Afghanistan via our own media here in the US. We don't even get the half of it, I suspect.
It's a never ending drama that's for sure and it's only going to get worse. 
I already knew that, +Dan Wilcox. It's just hard to get a fix on how badly we're being lied to.
Oh I know. Thank god there's numerous internet news sources to follow. It helps to give you a broader view of what the hell is going on in the world. BBC News is pretty truthful. But even they hide stuff I am sure. 
I think America is in Afghanistan and Iraq for opium poppies and oil. Australia is in both countries to support the Americans. I hope we are not after the drugs too but I suppose we are guilty by association.
Oh I know and you can definitely point the blame at us. Seriously, we are definitely the guilty party. Sure we had our terrorism problems but seriously, we didn't have to go to such drastic steps to secure our way of life i.e. greed. 
+Dan Wilcox, here's the thing. I'm not about to take responsibility for what our government does against our wishes and without our say-so. As far as I'm concerned, they don't represent us anymore. They've gone completely rogue on us.
Oh I know that. But if we'd get up off our fat butts, turn off the TV and actually force the government to listen to us we wouldn't be in half the trouble we are currently in. Everyone's whining about Obama. Sorry, he ain't the problem. The person to be pissed at is Bush and his evil allies. Those were the folks who screwed it up for the rest of us.

But we bought all of Bush's lies and look where it got us? Mountains of debt, wars we can't afford and shouldn't have started and now we are blaming the current president for crap he didn't even start! We have the blood on our hands. We are just as guilty. 
I would be blaming your war machine and the political lobbying that sustains it rather than individual politicians or parties. It should not be a surprise that the war machine has grown so much and now consumes more than half of your GDP. It's just doing what it's designed to do - get bigger. The question might be "How to rein it in?"
That's very sad news indeed Jim. :-( Now watch the Oz pollies jump all over each other and point the fingers
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