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Jim Montgomery
What is it about stuff and things?
What is it about stuff and things?

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For anyone in San Francisco needing internet at home you'd probably do well to avoid the pain that is Comcast by going with Monkeybrains. My 4g AT&T phone connection is about 3x faster than Comcast's broadband down most of the time (specifically downloading via AT&T 4g is 8.53Mbps while Comcast is 2.68Mbps right now in Cole Valley). For more see: #monkeybrains   #internet #sf  #comcast

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At least there's one bar. The connection will just be a little slow.

Tackling a bug I realized I'd been subtlefuged. A subtle issue ran into while writing tests. (As opposed to subterfuged.)

Semicolons in JavaScript are sort of like clothing in San Francisco--mostly optional. At least based on what I've seen so-far.

For anyone interested in cutting your AT&T bill in half: I switched earlier this year from contract to pre-paid on the AT&T GoPhone month-to-month option. The staff in-stores and on the support line always said I can't use my iPhone but it works just fine. And when I bought the iPhone 5 they gave me a new sim card in the store free. Data settings were easy in-store, all I had to do was visit while on Wifi and create the APN. Recently AT&T also got visual voicemail working and they upped the data to 2GB which is more than I need. So I've got unlimited calling, text and the data for $60/month.

Looks like the sunshine is returning to "The City" for a few days. How I love this place!

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Panoramas from San Francisco - marathon view run.
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