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Here's one that was shared to me earlier... and I have to say, I think I'd go with the Angel moving closer when the Silence blinks.

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Hee! ...i guess i agree with you...
I mean, the Angels never look away. So they'd never forget th Silence... and when the Silence looked away (or did their bat-thing on the ceiling), they'd be toast. TOAST.
What happens if you throw Cybermen into the mix? Do the the same laws of looking away apply to them since they are mostly machines? 
It doesn't matter much in this case, but I wonder if the Angels can see when they're turned to stone. I suppose they must be able to, since they were able to lock each other in the Blink episode.
I thought the angels could see all the time, but only move when not observed...
Blink was one of the best episodes ever, IMO. 
Yeah, it scared the fuck out of my oldest.
Okay, so let's say for the sake of argument that the Angels can't see while stoned. It's probably not the case, but I think it's interesting.

This means that the Angel would forget about the Silence immediately after the Silence looked at them. So I guess it'd depend on whether the Angels would naturally pick the Silence as targets or not.
+Benjamin McCracken But that makes no sense, based on what we've seen of the Angels at all. They're CLEARLY aware while in stone form. We have no idea what their field of vision is, though, so that's the ONLY limiting factor here.

Now, could the Silence lightning bolt them into oblivion? I don't know, maybe. But I still think the edge belong to the Angels.
i would say that the silence would beat the angels, but the angels are WAY freaking scarier, so ill go with them just cause.
It's hard to decide which is scarier, to be honest. A monster you can forget it's there while it's still there vs. a monster that you can't look away from. I will go with the Angels as scarier for forcing you to fight your own biological instinct..
You can be the enemy you just don't know it Jackie from apple valley
AMEN (/ロ゜)/アタシハダアレ?
you know the angels would win.because you forget when you look away from the silence. so even when the angels have their hand over their face they still chase you.
p: Silence looks away from weeping angle q: Angel moves closer r: Angel forgets encounter ; ∃x ∀x P(x) | p→(q⌄r); so the statement is true.
Perhaps de Angels are weighing for silence or answer!
Why would silence look away from a weeping angel - given 'angel' is something positive... Why was 'angel' weeping? If we assume angels weep at wrong deeds, angels would leave if wrong deeds are followed by silence, which in my view would make the wrong deed even worse :)
She moves closer to strengthen the silence for her tears are one of love and pain. Her encounter can never be forgotten for she has given silence her tears.
weeping angels are from doctor who. they can only move towards you if you look away. they are also evil.
Wow, that's deep thinking there ... only for us in the know I guess ;-)
Angels are quantum locked when viewed. Silence is screwed
This doesn't make sense.

It is only if the angel looks away that it forgets about the silence.
If the silence looks away, the angel just eats its face.
Some of these comments are making me do a 'Jackie Chan'
Although I put in my 2 cents (I may have missed it ) but not one has said any thing about the "silence" and "looking" hmmmmmm
When the angel was weeping FOR THIS SILENCE, then how can the angel move away/forget the encounter? Doesn't the stupid silence know this much?
i would run from that.................
It's not a Silence's look that affects your memory, it's looking at them. So the Silence could turn around and the Angel would still remember it and move closer.
+Lynda Ronald The Angel, when viewed is 'quantum-locked' which is the 'ultimate defence'
its just stone when you look at it.
Hmmmm.... I am a great Doctor Who fan and considering the fact that the silence has before only worked on living humans and human-like creatures (the doctor), I don't believe the forgetful powers would work on a stone coated monster which possibly relies on instinct and not memory at all. Since the incident has not been officially explored, you can't even say whether the angels have any to achieve by killing the silence.
+Levi Miller the Angel is only 'stone' when it is being viewed (Quantum-lock) state
The Angel moves closer, since the whole forgetting about them trick happens when you look away from a Silence, not when a Silence looks away from you.
Hahahaha... I read this completely wrong, probably because I'm not a DrWho fan :) ... Silence = untold; when it looks away, the 'untold' becomes even further from a friend... A 'weeping angel' I understood to mean 'something good being hurt', so one who will let something good to be hurt just to keep something untold, becomes evil and hence angel will forget the encounter and heal itself :))))
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+Philosoraptor But if you really want to get into the technicalities the Weeping Angels don't exist since the episode on season 5 'flesh and stone' the Angels got wiped out of existence when they fell into the crack created by the exploding tardis (the big bang)

The silence were referred to during season 5. You don't see The Silence till season 6 'the impossible astronaut' which means they never met.
Actually the angels are not all gone. Plus angels will be part of Amy's departure.
Interesting. How will that pan out...
Wouldn't the Angel only forget the encounter once the Silence looks back towards the Angel? You know, since ppl only forget the silence once they look away from/stop looking at it...
The angels don't exist while they are being viewed. They only come into being when nothing is looking at them. The silence are forgotten once the person looking at them turns away, not when the silence does. So if a silence happened to turn his back in front of an angel they would be dead. BUT if the angel turned away from the silence for a moment it would forget what it had seen and go about its business. Oh, dear... now my head hurts.
The weeping Angel would have to turn away to forget the Silence
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