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Why Retro Computing Matters
Rather an interpretation than just a simple link: A recent study has projected that Moore's Law in its simple form may be coming to an end around 2020, resting our hopes of future progress in productivity on 3D stacking. Manufacturing and engineering questions aside, the study identifies yet another roadblock: Energy consumption.
"The world's computing infrastructure already uses a significant slice of the world's power, and the ITRS says the current trajectory is self-limiting: by 2040 (…) computing will need more electricity than the world can produce."

One of the conclusions we may draw from this is that the standard procedure of adding abstraction in software and paying for it by an upgrade cycle in hardware may be foreseeably doomed. (Take that, web frameworks.) So, we may want to consider some techniques of old, of how to address complex tasks in more low level ways suiting a more humble hardware in order to free computing resources. Software archeology, rather than another hardware initiative, may be a "king's road" to future improvements …


[Edit] Here's the paper, "Reebooting the IT Revolution: A Call to Action" (Sep. 2015), based on a workshop held March 30–31, 2015:

IEEE Spectrum source:
So says the semiconductor industry's last ever communal roadmap
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Sounds like an IT equivalent of the reneissance.
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Did new users actually rip diskette wafers out of their jackets?
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Since nobody reads G+ :-) I'll just tell you outright: Starting a podcast and a youtube channel.
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Retro computing people: Should there be an IBM PC (and 1980's compatibles) podcast or YouTube channel? Please give me your opinion via this survey:

Apologies if this seems like commercial spam -- it's not; I'm just on the fence as to whether or not to do a new podcast in what seems like a crowded niche.  Still, there aren't any dedicated specifically to the 1980's IBM PC, so there's that.
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Ed S
There's a community Twilight Machines which might have more of your target audience.
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I was able to crack the encoding of the Cauzin Softstrip barcodes!
On RetrBattlestations one of the most popular challenges is a recreation of the days when magazines used to publish their own programs. Back before the internet, and when dialup was still expensive, magazines would publish source code listings and the only way to get it into your computer was to type it in. Whenever I work on one of these challenges I come up with a BASIC program for people to type in on their computers. But I always think ab...
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What's the most efficient way to manage your travel budgets?
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More interlaced video conversion fun: Cyberpunk, The Documentary
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Jim Leonard

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Should there be an IBM PC (and 1980's compatibles) podcast or YouTube channel? Please give me your opinion via this survey:

Also, feel free to share this to anyone I may have missed.  Thanks!
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I'm the unlikely child born of the home computer wars, music videos, and video games.  I am a fan of creative and unconventional uses of technology (such as the demo, tracking, and chiptune scenes).  I collect and restore early IBM PC and PC clone home computers.  And if my nerd quotient hasn't shot off the charts and directly into the ionosphere by now, I'm sure you can think of a few more things about me that would make it do so.
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