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Jim Law
I.... I can help.... I can help you.... I can help you help yourself!
I.... I can help.... I can help you.... I can help you help yourself!

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Just got a set of BackBeat Sense's.

Well done y'all, that's an impressive over ear for the price. The new standard.


Wow, I was so excited a year ago when I bought my boots, but a little surprised after only wearing them 2 days a week that they had started to get worn through in under a year.

The nice lady who sold them to me mentioned something about a free re-soling, however when I took them in today to the Collins St store I found out it will cost me $225 bucks just to re-sole them!

The bloke then told me that I should only wear these boots on special occasions........ what? They're boots.

This is not the first pair of leather soled shoes I have ever owned, but it's the first to wear through in a year....... even with non-full time use.

Am I really going to have to pay this much EVERY year just for the privilege of keeping your boots in a working order?

That's not an investment I ever signed up for! On the slip I signed to get the repaired it stated they may need "several" repairs throughout their lifetime..... not "YOU'LL NEED TO PAY THE EQUIVALENT OF A NEW SET OF BOOTS EVERY YEAR OR TWO TO KEEP THEM FUNCTIONAL".

I definitely will not be recommending RM Williams boots to anyone for work ever, ever again.

#rmwilliams   #rmwilliamsboots   #mortgageforyourboots  

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+The Huffington Post 

I think your feedback/correction setting is broken.

Clicking "send" does nothing, same with cancel.

Using latest Chrome on Windows10.

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+Stevie Jay 

Find me one of these......

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Fan builds giant Lego Star Destroyer with multiple levels:

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+Jim Law 
SERIOUS WARNING: For all PIA (Private Internet Access) VPN Users:
The following United States VPN Hosts have been compromised:
US California
US East
US Florida
US Midwest
US New York City
US Seattle
US Silicon Valley
US Texas
US West
To test to see if your particular host has been compromised, connect to at least ALL of these and check your IP address. If you get the same IP address every time from a web based IP checking system such as "What is My IP", chances are your traffic and data are being intercepted (Usually by a California-Sacramento Data Center), yours may differ. Based on current information, if you connect to an NON US PIA VPN server, the traffic is intercepted default by various government agencies because it is leaving the United States borders.

BE CAREFUL. I would suggest multi-layered encryption services.

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Fancy dust collection on my ancient jointer :D

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My old-new jointer!  Picked up for an absolute bargain on e-bay.

Only thing left to do now is re-seat the knives and give it a real test.
Building Woody Things
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Public Service Announcement

I use ffmpeg alot to stream my man PCs desktop around the network.  Hopefully patch will be released shortly and will trickle down the repos to us.

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Hello Everyone,

A few years back I picked up this copy of "The Twelve Caesers" in Latin, Vellum covered.

I'm interested in getting this valued (at least roughly) so that I can determine where I should store it / if I should worry about preserving it.

Looks to be a Dressden publication from around 1695.

Kind thanks in advance for your help!

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