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Quit dissing my megapixels!  I love all 36 million of them :-)  Check out my most recent post about why high megapixels can be a GOOD thing.
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heh!heh! Just the title made me laugh.. so I had to read further.. It is a great  post easy read.. & I can see your point, especially with the cropping which I do a lot of. :) 
D800 is awesome, I almost everything about it.
+Will Eagleton  - I wish I could agree with you, but I haven't been able to play with it yet.  Amazon STILL hasn't sent mine, but it should arrive on Saturday.
Hang in there Jim, it's be worth the wait... provided it is not one of the AF sensor failures! Mine is good but I have spent a bit of time going through and fine tuning all of my lenses.

Looking forward to hearing your opinion of the D800 too.
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