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Caption this! Whoever comes up with the funniest caption (judged by me and Dustin) wins a Monoprice Graphics Tablet for editing your photos. To enter the contest, (1) write a comment with your funniest caption and then (2) click the SHARE button. Must do both steps to enter the contest. Contest ends tomorrow night.
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OMG Jim! I didn't think you caught me doing THAT!!!
"OMG! This lens DOES make you look bigger, honey!"
"Yikes! That left a mark."
Holy Smoke! So that's what my Mr. Photographer boyfriend means by "working late" !
What you see is what you get......after edit!
Look Honey...the picture just appears on this little screen!!!
We should stop taking pictures at the zoo. 
Wow!,I click the perfect shot in one attempt
Holy cow, he does look like the Dalai Lama in this light!
OMG Babe...grab your glasses your not going to believe this one! Zoom Zoom Zoom!!!
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