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I spent the better part of a morning chasing after this particular hummingbird.  There were lots of hummers around, but I wanted one with this beautiful purple coloration.  

I shot the bird going to a feeder and then composited it onto the background with this flower.  

Shot at 1/4000 shutter speed and it did a decent job of freezing the motion in the wings, but that pushed me to ISO 5,000.  I thought that might destroy the photo, but surprisingly, the noise was manageable in Lightroom.
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Nice,, ilove the color
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Jim Harmer

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I've spent days hiking through the Costa Rican rainforest looking for photo locations, but one of my favorite shots came from my hotel window today.  I used a 200mm lens trying to implement the tip +Michael Frye  told me the other day about using long lenses for landscapes.
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Beautiful. .
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Jim Harmer

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Great video by +Joel Grimes  on Rembrandt lighting. Ya learn something new every day! Joel Grimes explaining his take on Rembrandt lighting
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Jim Harmer

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Is it just me, or is the Creative Cloud version of @Photoshop just FULL of glitches?  It seems like as soon as I switched over a year ago, Photoshop just hasn't been the same.  Just about every day I discover a new bug in the software.
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Absolutely nothing good has come from them changing to CC. 
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Jim Harmer

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Chatting with +Trey Ratcliff  and recording an interview with him on the Improve Photography Podcast to be released in a few weeks.  Gonna be an awesome episode!
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Looking forward to it! 
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Jim Harmer

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Rio Celeste in Costa Rica.  It was about an hour hike through deep mud to get to this spot, but it was totally worth it.  We came out of the hike muddy all over, but at least it was a warm day to be hiking in a rain storm!

Oh, and before someone comments that the colors are oversaturated, no they aren't.  That's really what it looks like.  No Photoshop tricks needed when nature looks like this! 

It felt like I was walking through the Garden of Eden.  
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This is epic Jim!!! Great work on this.
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Had a VERY nice week shooting in the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee this week with a group of readers of my blog.  This sunset is one of my favorite shots from the week.  Hope you like it.
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Jim Harmer

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I'm working to build up my sports photography portfolio. I shot this in a hotel pool this week with a high school athlete. Those who have bought my portrait lighting class will get access to the video tutorial for this shoot soon.

LIGHTING SETUP: I used two YN560III flashes on full power on the sides of the pool pointed toward the middle of the pool and the swimmer swam through the middle of the flashes. Bare flash-no light modifiers at all. The flashes were triggered by a simple 603 transmitter--the exact flash and transmitter I recommend here:

CAMERA: Nikon D800.  LENS: Nikkor 24-70mm

CAMERA SETTINGS: Shutter 1/200, Aperture-f/13, ISO250.
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Cool picture
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Jim Harmer

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I'm hearing some really nice feedback about the podcast episode with +Michael Frye .  If you're into landscape photography at all, definitely don't miss it!
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+Tristan Davis  - You name 'em, I interview 'em.  
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Excellent family-owned company that you can trust. They do good work.
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I went with my wife and we generally had a good time. However, the prices were UNREAL!!!! Also, we found the customer service to be somewhat rude (other reviewers have said the same thing, so it sounds like this is a constant issue). I agree with another reviewer that Wahooz might be a better option at least in the summer months since Wahooz has an outdoor track and this one is indoors.
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My wife said they were really nice people, but the prices are WAY insane.
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I don't have a problem with this particular location, but I have a HUUUGE problem with Idaho Athletic Club as a business. Unlike most companies that treat their customers with respect, this company has not done so in my opinion. I moved away from the location I went to when I had this membership, so the membership wasn't useful for me. I don't want to commute in 20 minutes to the gym and 20 minutes back. So, I tried to cancel my membership. The club said I couldn't cancel over the phone and had to go into their store. This is a HUGE hassle for me because I work long hours and I would have appreciated it if they would not have this policy which is annoying. After complaining, they said I can cancel over the phone by calling the corporate office. The number on the website didn't work so I had to call and find the right number. I talked to the lady at the corporate office and she said I would be charged a cancellation fee of OVER $100 for me and OVER $100 for my wife. IN ADDITION to that, I would be charged $50 for January even though I'm cancelling before January. THEN she said I couldn't cancel over the phone and had to tell them in writing that I'm cancelling. WHY!!??!??!?! This policy ate up a lot of my time, hundreds of dollars during the Christmas season, and forced me to make many calls and write a letter. This is why I believe this company does not treat their customers right. A better option, in my opinion, is the YMCA. They have several locations in the Treasure Valley and they don't make you sign a two year contract. Also, I think their gyms are superior to the Idaho Athletic Club anyway.
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Expensive. Outdated atmosphere. Have to pay extra for drinks. Waitresses are shelling peas out in the dining room right now on one of the tables
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VERY cool place. I just wish they opened earlier in the morning so photographers could shoot it.
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