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Jim Harmer
Author of the blog (read by MILLIONS of photographers) and total photography addict.
Author of the blog (read by MILLIONS of photographers) and total photography addict.

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Woke up early on a Saturday morning to write this article on some of the ways I've found to save on photo gear.  Enjoy it!

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I've spent the last few weeks testing out the new iMac 5k.  I don't remember the last time I was so surprised by a product review.  

If you have been wondering if you need a 5k screen in your life, this review will make you feel a LOT better.  

I did a test (watch the video in the link) and found that people could only spot the 5k screen 50% of the time, which of course means that it's total chance.

I think this one is worth 5 minutes to watch the video:

+Rick Sammon and +Juan Pons just lightened my wallet significantly after listening to their holiday gift guide. Jerks :-). The Improve Photography doodads of the year episode is coming out soon!

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Now THAT is a waterfall!  I got exactly two shots in before my lens was drenched.

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I love my DJI Phantom.  This thing looks incredible.  Hopefully the FAA will relax a bit and let us start using our work.
Wow - I watched the live stream and saw +Eric Cheng up on stage announcing this thing... then I watched this video... It looks so awesome!!

 DJI – Introducing the Inspire 1 

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I've been in Iceland for the last 5 days doing a FREE photo workshop with about 20 readers of Improve Photography.  It's been an amazing experience and you can join us on another free workshop by checking the schedule here:

On this night, everything came together.  The sky was clear (a rarity in Iceland), the moon rose in the right spot, the northern lights appeared, there was Ice on the waterfall, etc.  It was an amazing experience.  

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Want to come shoot with me... for free?  Check out the Improve Photography Travel group and see if I'm coming to your neck of the woods soon.

I'm headed to Iceland next week, but both of my cameras are out of commission and won't be repaired in time.  Time to go camera shopping... I'd like to try out something new and different. Maybe a Pentax medium format, or a Sony A7s, etc. Ideas?

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I don't often get controversial on ImprovePhotography, but this is something I feel passionate about.  Check out my comparison of the iPhone 6 Plus and the 5D Mark III.  I think you'll be surprised what you find.

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I've been in West Virginia for the last few days doing a free meetup event with some of the readers of Improve Photography.  

Yesterday we had ideal conditions--overcast all day long, fog all day long, light rain to brighten up the colors, and incredible locations.

This shot is just a tiny little creek that we were driving past on the way to a major location and stopped quickly for a shot.  Glad we did because it turned out to be quite a spectacular location.

I took about 20 shots in different locations at this little cascade, but this is the one that really felt solid to me.
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