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President of J. Goss + Associates.
President of J. Goss + Associates.

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Peter Nowak, 20-channel package for $17.95 per month
Toronto-based VMedia is offering internet users a “skinny basic” package over Roku devices that replicates a cable connection, more or less exactly. There’s a TV guide, a full schedule, and you can flip channels, which include CBC, CTV, CityTV and the big U.S. networks: NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox, plus others.

The service has a number of advantages over traditional cable. For one thing, it’s way cheaper. VMedia’s 20-channel package is only $17.95 per month, which is even lower than the CRTC’s mandated cap of $25 for traditional skinny basic TV.

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New website at
Check out our new site at

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The Chocolate Woopie Pie – I still can’t get over that name – itself is made of the same dense dark chocolate pastry as the Raspberry Truffle, but instead of a jelly filling, it has the whipped cream found in the Strawberry Shortcake donut.

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art by artifact graphic design: toronto
Artifact Graphic Design s a respected communicator in the labour, progressive and not-for-profit communities known throughout the sector for cost-effective designs, fast turn around production and high quality work and service. artifact graphic design  is a...

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Brian Jackson, IT business, April 6, 2016
BitGold works with KPMG as a third-party auditor, and complies with bank-grade Know Your Customer regulations. The company is positioning itself as an alternative to BitCoin that is friendly with regulators, so the name is no accident. It doesn’t use blockchain technology however, instead referring to a “digital ledger” that tracks transaction history.

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Live Convention Webcasts
My associates at Public Response helped the Broadbent Institute expand the reach of the 2016 Progress Summit with our Live Convention product.

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At the heart of the matter is an effort by Bell to overturn a CRTC decision last summer that granted small telcos access to the ultra-high-speed fibre internet network Bell is building.
A similar regulatory structure has been in place for years in non-fibre internet services. Small internet resellers like TekSavvy or Primus buy bandwidth from big telcos like Rogers or Bell and resell it to customers, often at prices that undercut the big players.

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Peter Nowak, 
Giving the CCTS power to address billing and contract disputes is a good move, but it won’t solve the problems with skinny basic. The complaints agency can’t, after all, stop TV providers from adding hardware rental fees or do anything to affect the prices they charge on channel packages.

That burden still rests with the CRTC, which is continuing to take a wait-and-see approach despite promising to take action without hesitation.

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vote for casey

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Gallaugher knows Graphics
Wilson Staff dressed in red at the 2016 PGA Merchandise (Photo: John Gallaugher). John Gallaugher took some great pics during the massive PGA Merchandise show in Orlando, FLA this week.  This shot is called Wilson Staff red.   Gallaugher’s talents as a phot...
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