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Never support a law you aren't willing to kill to enforce - That is a very simple moral guiding principle. The delegation of violence does not make you any less culpable. This statement should be printed at the top of every voting ballot.
Every new law requires enforcement; every act of enforcement includes the possibility of violence, such as the chokehold that killed Eric Garner.
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+Maggie Beegan-Royston and another +1 for using gobsmacked. :-)
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Wake up and smell the hacking - Turn off the auto reload on your Starbucks card until this can get sorted out. It's not clear how wide spread this is, or what the attack vector is. You have to go to the website to turn off auto reload. You can't do it from the app.

+Starbucks Coffee
Hackers are getting access to @[Starbucks] customers' credit cards through the coffee chain's mobile payments and gift cards, the company confirmed.
Coffee retailer confirms reports of thefts, but says its mobile app remains secure
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Starbucks is blaming individual weak passwords, and not a general intrusion into their system.
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You can cut the sexual tension with an alien laser knife! How many of you wanted them to get together, and who is happy they didn't? Anybody remember the Rolling Stone photo spread of them together in bed?

#x-binge #netflix
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I watched every episode! But I don't remember them sleeping together until the second movie. 
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Here's some more detailed information on how the new Collections feature will work. This sounds awesome, and exactly what I've been waiting for. The only question I have is will I have to go back and reorganize all of my existing posts, and if so whether I'll be willing to put that effort in to it. I hope they make an easy migration tool for doing that.
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I guess it depends on how fine grained they get with their collections. I hope to have not more than seven public collections once I have gone through my posts. It will be an interesting exercise to see what kinds of things I tend to post. One minor concern I have is it would be nice to have a post exist simultaneously in more than one collection, ala GMail labels. But I'm sure if they had done that initially, there would have been even more confusion.
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Topic Channels - I've been wanting channels based on topics since the beta days of G+. Circles didn't quite hit it. Pages were a step in the right direction. Communities was a huge leap forward. We may finally have gotten there with Collections.

"Google is also introducing themed channels, where you can find various content, depending on your interests."
The “make-over” of Google+ continues as it is introducing a new feature in their social network called Collections. It is where users can create, well, collections, depending on their interest or the things that they want to bookmark, kind of what…
The "make-over" of Google+ continues as it is introducing a new feature in their social network called Collections. It is where users can create, well,
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I'm down. It'll be great for users to discover new paths to find content. I hope I can manage it alright. I hope all of us can.
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Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum - Go sign up for an invitation to Google's new ISP giant killer service. The Project Fi service is initially only compatible with Nexus 6 phones, and the cost is $20 for unlimited voice and text plus $10 per month per 1GB of cellular data. You'll get a refund for any unused data for the month. For instance, if you only used 1.4GB of a 3GB allotment, you might get back $16.
If you don't already have a Nexus 6 (and why don't you?), you can buy one when you sign up for the service. You can buy it outright, or finance it over 24 months with no interest or extra fees.
It was speculated this service was going to be called Google Wireless when it finally shipped (and it still might). But I think Google should call it Ro-sham-bo, because that's what they're going to do to the large wireless providers. Here's a direct link to the invitation request page:
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+JR Raphael​ posted an interesting article about the potential cost difference with Google Fi plans vs. other plans.

Will Google's new wireless service actually save you money? Let's find out.

The discussion is interesting. Someone also mentioned Republic Wireless. Perhaps he'll add in that for comparison.
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Ha ha! I've been put on hold. Where's the hold music?
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Well, at least they're communicating. I'm trying not to get overly excited, because I don't want to end up disappointed. I'd rather be pleasantly surprised.
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I love the new Collections feature. It makes it so much simpler to uncircle people who refuse to post #caturday posts into a Collection that I can unfollow.

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So far I like it, but I wish you could change the access for no Public collections. The only way I've found is to grant circles access and modify the membership of the circles.
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RT: Star Wars as a series of tweets. Humorous it is!
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+100 :D
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Dude, where's my car? - I can think of several applications for an invisibility cloak. The military has a long standing interest in the art of camouflage. Imagine a light bending ghillie suit. For now, this works on small objects, and will be used for classroom demonstrations, but I can see this scaling up to human size. And I'm glad to see us developing this technology before the Romulans and Klingons get too far ahead.
If you’re a non-magical being, you might think your chances of becoming invisible are slim to nil. But don’t jump to conclusions just yet: Researchers are now claiming to have developed a portable system that can make small objects, like your keys or pet lizard, disappear from sight.
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My keys already have one. :-(
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Jim Gomes

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Excellent set of instructions on how to manage your photos on G+. Knowing how to keep just the online copy and delete the local device copy is critical.

Thanks +Jaana Nyström​!
How to delete and restore photos in your mobile device

The screenshots in the attached album are from a Nexus 5 running Lollipop.

Before deleting any images, do a test: Delete one photo to see you're doing it correctly.
For this it'd be good to have access to a computer / browser to check the that the image is still there.

Start here:

You can access your "Photos" either from the Google+ app or your Photos app.

✪ Navigate to Photos, then to "On Device" / Camera.
✪ Long press a photo or tap the 3 dots for "Select.
✪ Select the photos you wish to delete by tapping them in the middle.
✪ After you've chosen the ones you wish to delete, tap the trash can icon top right.

The photos are deleted from your phone.

Still showing? Go to the Android Settings > Application Manager > All > Gallery > Clear Data.

See the screenshots below for more detailed instructions.

Deleting local and online copies of photos in the Google+ Photos app

If you want to delete photos entirely from Google+ on your phone and on Google’s servers, in the Google+ app, go to All photos.

Find the first photo you want to delete under "All" and long press the first to select it, then select any others.
Touch the bin icon at the top right to delete from your phone and online.

Missing photos from the Auto backup?

If your photos are not at the following locations then they are no longer on your Google+ account (if they were backed up at all?)

Restoring Photos in the Google+ Photos app:

You can recover photos that were backed up to Google+ and deleted less than 60 days ago.

In the Photos app on the phone, touch the Photo symbol at the top left to bring up the menu, then go to Bin (you may need to scroll down). 

Find the image(s) you want to restore, then long press on it. A menu bar will appear; the sideways u shaped arrow next to the bin will restore the photo. 
When this menu is up, you can select more photos and restore them. This will restore the photo to your phone and your backups or albums.

Restoring Auto-backup photos to your phone

One may want to have more space in the mobile device and delete images "From Device" / Camera.

In case you’ve deleted photos from your phone but want to restore them from your Google+ account back to the phone, you will need to use your desktop or laptop.

First you need to download the photos: 
On your computer, hover over the Home button, and from the menu that appears, go to Photos.
Click in the search bar and select Auto-backup.

Select the first image by clicking on the checkmark on the top left of the image. You can then scroll down to the last image, hold down shift, and click the checkmark on that one to select all the photos in between.
Once you’re in selection mode, with a blue bar above the photos, you can individually select and deselect other photos. 

Once you have all the photos you want to restore selected, then click on More in the blue bar, and then choose Download.

You can download photos with or without the Auto Enhance:öm/posts/KNLTc8Ujzbw

Note that you can only download a maximum of 500 pictures at a time. 

When the photos have been downloaded, just transfer them to your Camera folder on your phone via USB. 
- Please consult your phone manufacturer’s help documentation to see how that is done.

You can also use Google Takeout to download all of your photos:
- but this will download everything, not just the Auto-backup photos.

How to recover photos on your SD card after deletion

See this article for help:

Learn more about Google and your photos

I have written a couple of Photos tutorials for Google+, I hope they are of use to you:

They're a bit long but take a quick look and then go back for bite sized chunks.

More about Photos from Google+:

#Googleplus   #Photos   #Jaanatip     #Delete     #Mobile     #AutoBackup  
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Super helpful! Thanks +Jaana Nyström​ and +Jim Gomes​ for resharing!
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Many Bothans will die to bring you this movie - I've never been much into the expanded universe material, but the story behind stealing the Death Star plans really intrigues me. And I like the idea of several standalone Star Wars movies.
“What does the Star Wars universe look like beyond the view of the Skywalkers? We’re about to get an answer....
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