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Another Day in San Francisco - Sunset Fog
San Francisco is a magical city for several reasons, but one of my favorite things to witness here is the ebb and flow of the fog. Just as the waves roll up and back over the sand of the beach, on a much grander scale the fog rolls in and out of town. From this location the fog has come in about 4 miles from the ocean and is starting to move farther into the city. It's amazing how fast the fog rolls in, but it makes for a great watch.
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Like a scene from Edward Scissorshands!  Very very cool.
I would love to see that fog some day.  Great shot Jim
WOW .........almost surreal , great color .
What a fantastic shot! The lights look like fireflys throughout the city!
when can i go to this beautiful place .....
this is sooooo pretty
I'm lucky to have the privilege of living there (:
Maybe someday visit to francisco
Stay in the house!  Don't open the door!  There's something in the fog!
it's true, there could be something
Black tiles and white walls. It is similar with the old town in Anhui of China. However in Anhui there would be a creek or river.
it is  good ??  fog  is  not good
It is vary beautiful occuation
Wow what a beautiful site
Like janath banazir
I live in Alameda and I love watching the fog roll in over San Francisco Bay. Beautiful photo.
the most beautifull thing ever
I love the color of the fog
you have the best job in the world
Awesome, like fairy world.
i ur going to san francisco...beware of the fog, it's actually dope smoke
wow !!!!!!!!! beautiful........
wow I love tha pic,beautiful,euphoric in a way.
It looks like something out of a fantasy game.
so nice tats all the houses are lighted
It is a beautiful city.I miss northern California, period.
+sion sanitio Yeah, so the fog can see where it's going !
It's just i don't give a fuck attitude about the total energy consumption.

But yes it a perfect picture. Well done and nice catch !
You missed out the words "South China Sea" ... I am trying to cancel (miss sum in) . Who is Sum In? 
That looks awesome!
This was a cute wine place. It was odd because I felt they didn't have a giant choice of wines to order by the glass. They also had a small choice of sweet wines, & no moscato available.
aye mar
beautiful. like.
I too enjoy watching the mist roll in from the sea. it is pretty awesome the foto...
Great photo, makes you feel a sense of calm. 
San Francisco is my home City. It's always beautiful.
The violet color in this shot is breathtaking! Great picture.
WOW! Absolutely gorgeous...would love to check this out!
yeah but the violet is because of the smog....breaht deep not
Wana be there samtym,thats my dreem.Oh frm. Lesotho my country to that place

OMGOSH!!!it's just amazing!!!!<3
A beautiful scenery of nature. Actually that great artist the nature is supreme without competition, 
so beautiful!  makes me feel as though loving things are going on in each home in the picture.
Stephen Kings The Mist II
Thanks everyone I'm in awe of the response so far.
And I thought I was the only one who loves fog flow! It's awesome!
That reminds me of the very first summer I spent in SF. I was staying at a friend's n had to borrow her warmer clothes cuz I packed up all of my warm clothes. It was freezing! But, I luv that fog creeping into the city at nites. 
Memorys..lived there 7yrs. It was soo cold in am. Wish I had a shot of halfmoonbay sunset! It was awsume
I would love that but that would get creepy at the wrong moments.
San Francisco is never creepy-- its the City of Love--LOL - all kinds----I imagine all has heard --I`m not directly from Frisco  but close by   and I sure do miss the Beautiful weather -and (FOG) and my beautiful Golden Gate---miss it so much-
That looks amazing I always wanted to go to Sanfransico man wow!!!!
Horrible weather most of the time but a beautiful place when it is sunny
This image is great, so is your photo presentation
this buti is niuchar and lait wet siti
My Favorite will always be the GoldenGate-to me it represents home-----I moved from California 14 tears  ago--and I have regretted it ever sense--I`m in the mid-west  and I miss my Calif.  weather most-along with missing  my son that still lives in Calif.===California will always be home to me----spent 50 years in the beautiful Central  Valley-
beautiful city....nice picture...I love San Francisco...
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