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Extremely Low Flying Planes
Here's an even better video from Maho Bay Beach in St. Marteen (1080p)
St. Maarten KLM Boeing 747 landing (1080p) your animated GIF post reminded me of this video.
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I am thinking what is the feeling when people who seats in the flight.
Love this video, I wanna hang out on that beach!
wow nice and clear
wow thats really close!
(and i've lived on airforce bases)
Have you even been travelling to Hong Kong? Search "Kai Tai Airport" in Youtube....
I was expecting to see people fly due to the Jet Blast . But nothing of the sort happened
stunning video of KLM Boeing 747 landing at gorgeous island.....
Great video. I love the low flying planes.

One of my favourite pubs in London is located right under the flight plan for Heathrow and you can sit there and watch the planes coming in. I grew up in Eton and for the longest time, it was under the flight plan for the Concorde.
Anyone notice the "danger sign" at 0.52 lol
Its now on my bucket list! I gotta go!
where's this place..?
i wont be going there for a holiday!
I see, it's right at the edge of the runway, a very short one too. Ours locally is similar with a buisy highway running right at the fence line where their beach is. However our air field has been expanded a few times so the risk of these close encounters are limited.
its reallly amazing but pilot must be crazy to do all this !!!!!
maybe drunk and crazy but definitely has skill. lol.
what kind of beach is right next to an airport??? LOL
The pilot is not crazy cos that is the runway and the aircraft is landing as per instructions from the tower. Nothing wrong in the landing.
Cool & not cool at the same time, way too easy target for anyone crazy enough
And u just so happen to know that was coming?
i bet everybody is looking at that plane like O____________O
I like the ones that fly over the bar 
woah, id be scared to be the guy right underneath it :O
wow... why is the beach and road open? people shouldn't be exposed to that loud of sounds its enough to probably make you deaf....
this is so cool i saw it on youube awile ago its cool bcause its like everone is goig to die cause of the plane but not really
I'm going there this summer...I'll have to try this!
Holy shit! How can it be so low?
+Jason Hu how else do you expect a plane to land...unless its low to the ground? lol
you'll find most airplanes fly very low before landing
Nice relaxing beach right there
+Alan Lon, it's "Kai Tak" I believe.
It's A gorgeous island NOT it's AN gorgeous island!Also U should be YOU .You are NOT texting.
+Max Basem Its a short runway, he has no choice. If you watch the whole video its obvious the people are too close to the runway themselves. Betch this used to be a small prop driven runway, upgraded to heavy commercial aircraft. Thats when the fence went in.
Damn that's crazy. Thanks for sharing.
That looks cool lol that is cool how the air port is right next to the beach
Wouldn't being that close to a 747 in flight cause hearing damage to people on the ground?
Nuts... The noise alone, being so close to a plane landing, could cause damage to the unprotected ear.
I would freak out! no thank you, it was cool though.
it,s plan it,s bird no wait must be super man .. great pic
Thats what I want on vacation is a loud ass plane going over my head!
We flew into Grand Cayman like this...loved this!
Its an island... gotta approach and land where you can...
from my point of view I'd love to be there right now
have you been blowen 3 miles out to sea a 300 mph.
really cool ...and dangerous too. The island is so tiny that the planes almost have to land in the water.
If you search YouTube for Paro International Airport you will see the most difficult landings in the world I should think. No spectacular low passes but it is worth a look.
Whoa! And what's more Awesome than chilling at a gorgeous beach and watching planes fly few feet above us. Exciting!
Notes not the time for the pilot to be distracted by a beauty on the beach!
typical paradise(paradox)
video is not going to play anymore.....!
whats the problem....?????
Shy Guy
What's a good business opportunity to invest in if I have $5000 to spend? Let me know!
That scared me for a second i thought the people were going to get hit.
some people never heard of CGI I gess
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