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The leap... beyond the mouse and keyboard demo
Pretty wild! I'd try it.
Introducing the Leap
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Thats VERY cool, Id give it ago. I also would need a faster pc, mine would have locked up long ago.
Mike Fields
For TV, awesome! For my computer, my arms are already tired watching.
That's pretty interesting. One step closer to the Ironman type computing :) $75 bucks shipped too?
it should be great with 3D screen
I'm ordering Leap Motion... This is wild!
In general I love it, but I think a pen/stylus would be necessary for fine detail work. I could ditch my Wacom tablet then, and look like Tony Stark...
This feature is cool but I can't see its usefulness.
Its much easier to move you thumb than it is to wave your hands about.
I've heard recently about that technology. It's pretty awesome and I'm going to buy one once it's available.
s sam
I want one!
:S - seriously - all this crazy hand waiving, yelling, etc, does not beat the mouse which requires less movements to achieve better results with mouse gestures.
Cool, cool device. Pretty awesome.
This is damn cool...assuming it works in real life as well as it does in the demo. And the $70 price is shockingly low. :-O
Almost too good to be true...
Minority Report computing brought to life. I love it!
And with out the gloves. They went one step beyond Minority Report
It is only compatiblewith a handful of devices and programs. This is primary reason I haven't preordered already.
Shut up and take my money already! XD
The gTar for me please, One of these days along with increase my basic ed and other skills.
Guitar A string broke on me last night. I need to replace it before I go to preformed at the church this Sunday. Might get paid this time.
You have to wonder how long it would take before your arms got tired from being held up to the screen like that. Pretty awesome though!
Wtf, you're gonna get an incredibly tired hand and arm of this. Not gonna be nice at all.
I wonder how well it will work. Skeptical until I see a review or two.
idk why people keep making stuff like this. No one wants to have to work to do what is currently almost effortless. I'll keep my arms resting comfortably on my arm rests thank you very much. Give me something that reads my thoughts to control the computer and I'll be impressed.
There's even mention of Linux support in the works, so not entirely useless to me.
this seems like the worst, for all but a very few uses.
I'd like to see it as integrated with other input devices. Something that is optional but by no means the primary method of control.
This seems like it would be really cool for certain things (3d modeling comes to mind, or general CAD) but man would your arms get tired holding them straight out for hours of a day.
Let me be the first to say that I so see Apple buying this company out if it works as smoothly as advertised.
"Let me be the first to say that I so see Apple buying this company out if it works as smoothly as advertised."

I hope not. Just means less people can use it. :(
great, it works for google maps and fruit ninja, but how do you type?
If it had voice recognition it would be complete.
An amazing feature! We're one step closer to the future... But just for computer work, and not for gaming, as I see no better way to play pc games than the old fashioned one, except if they add the motion technology they used on Xbox, wii etc... Then that would be cooler and would make gaming easier and more fun... ;)
Imagine playing Minecraft with this. ZOMG
FYI, Viacam can do something similar. Far from the same, but similar. It's not all that new, just a modification and probably improvement on already existing software.
Isn't that what the Kinect does? or should I say, is supposed to do?
+Ivan Gavryliuk unless you are thinking further than that, and voice command with motion control to your computer becomes your priority input. When dealing with 3D modeling and you have the capability to rotate the image with your hands while speaking to your computer for input would make life just that much easier. Eventually I see us stepping away from the mundane task of typing and dealing with typos etc. to working with a computer portrayed in Iron Man. Plus how cool would it be to say that you are like Tony Stark when sending an email?
Tyson I agree! And for those who keep spouting keyboard and mouse precision, this leapmotion is enabling 3d motion tracking not a lateral 2d method, so to compare them is ignorant! that's like comparing a drawing of a hand to an actual hand in its ability to function. Go to the actual website, go to sites like cnet who have reviewed this product, people talk about "my arms getting tired"! This product will force people to get off their lazy asses and INTERACT with technology . and to Hans, NO the kinect tracks movement as a FLAT surface moving forward back or sideways, this technology creates a 3d map of the object or form it is tracking
Also for those people out there complaining about "Arm Strain" and "It will get your shoulders really sore" has it occurred to anyone that you can place your elbows on the table?
I wouldn't recommended resting your elbows on a table for long periods of time ;-)
+Chris Carey You realize it is real right? Assuming things because you can't keep up with the pace of technology is a bad idea.
I'd imagine it would be useful for certain tasks when you don't have the time to mess with a mouse or keyboard eg Dr performing surgery looking at medical scans.
Give me one😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥
This device is amazing. It's so much like what's in Minority Report
LuciO M
Not practical. Figure it out. 
that is 22 century technology. we have taken a leap into the future with this device.
Goodbye remotes, goodbye mice ...
I preordered 2 of them! Estimated due date isn't till winter. The wait will be a long one!
So when i need to write an email..............
I had to order one! thanks for the post
The coolest thing since the ipod (apple will buy you trust me)
I think this would be great. But as is, I do not see it replacing the keyboard. Also, does anyone realize that your shoulders and arms will get tired after a little while if you have a lot to do on the screen.
interface will be to complicated for the layperson. Maybe after people like take classes on it.
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Will someone buy me one?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
devin: I'm sure that's what they said about the iphone.
LOVE IT !!! i'm a geek and i love it !

how did i miss that ?
I knew that would be possible some time. Can't wait to try it out.
Shut up and take my money!!!
I want one soooooo bad i never want to use the conventional mouse again
This is very impressive! Me likes!!
yes but wouldn't u want to do this with your computer not just your game system
hey i fathi i am new here so will you help me with thing just give me a tip okay?
Microsoft Kinect for windows already does the thing. But competition is always good.
This could be really fun to play with. I could see this used in presenting also 
As Sam Beckett would say, "Oh boy..." right after he makes another quantum leap. This is awesome, just wish it wasn't demo'ed on an iMac...
Sean S
Some are saying that it's fake. Hope it's real.
Sean S
Wonder how it connects to the computer. USB? Wireless?
I think this is an awesome! I basically want to have this one for business with Graphic design!
Sean S
Neat product but realistically, I don't see it replacing the mouse. Imagine being in a public library with everyone using this. It would be distraction seeing everyone with their arms up in the air swiping their fingers.
It would be a nice extension to the mouse or keyboard though if you could use the Leap without raising your arm. If you are typing on a keyboard and need to scroll down, you could just lift one finger and swipe down instead of reaching for the mouse.
Wow. Can you say just like MINORITY REPORT tech effects eh?
I think it would be hard to control because it has to be in the right spot to work and I think there would not be much sofware for this new technology. I would rather stick to my desktop computer than have the Leap to work with. It might get frusterating with the littlest things.
Gotta go with +Zebadiah Long here, give me a computer that can run on my thoughts alone or at least a high-speed & high accurate speech to text/command program and I'll be impressed!
That is so cool. I could sit in front of that all day. Awesome
But will it replace the steering wheel?
Stu M
Who wants to hold their arms up all day.
The Half-Life Lost Coast demo looked truly impressive.
Is this work on every laptops or desktops?
no this technology is already along the lines of what microsoft already has on several platforms. this just looks like a very cool implementation of that technology on is household appliance.
Can't see how this could be implemented in the office. Maybe for gaming and entertainment. Ergonomics is a big concern for me. I could hurt myself.
Looks great for graphic designers and gamers but i'm wondering what use it would be to writers or bloggers? It wont replace the keyboard and i'm not sure the precision is there to replace the mouse. Especially as we're just getting used to touch screen technology now.

Maybe the next ipad will have something like this built in?
Very cool I would love to try this out
jason h
I've already seen this on csi miami
It looks like something out of iron man
Great something else I have to save up for that I don't really need...sold!
It's nice. But, I like talking to my PC. Less workout.
Holly crap, that's the swagest thing I've ever seen, it would make me feel like a robot operator 
Will be glad when a linux version appears.
That is sweet, kinda wish I was buying a new computer this year.
All I can say is I'm s gadget nut and I want one I'm sorry I gotta have one..
That's awesome! Thanks for posting the video!
Glad to see it's not only for those silly Mac's. I imagine Windows 8 will be pretty cool with this with its tablet interface.
hmm mouse for that much.. let me think about it thourghly
The future is coming fater than I thought 
hopefully it's actually be as smooth as that
This could bring about a huge revolution. And Apple,Microsoft or less likely Google might try to buy the company.
Awesome! Will check if its available in India.
Alright just start selling it. Stop this 12-6 months marketing pitch
Impressive! Similar technologies were already in circulation a few years ago, but they were not quite ready for the consumer market. The Leap though seems to be very robust. It's about time to start migrating to a more intelligible human interaction device. As media centers start bridging the gap between the PC and TV, devices like the Leap will become a norm. I am eager to see if the keyboard will eventually be replaced by voice commands, a pseudo-language, or something else.
Install this on my pc and I guarantee we'll have started lagfest 2012.
I imagine that your arms will get tired easily when playing games like that.
Wow! This must be expensive
Wow! This must be expensive no?
When he's playing half-life 2, you can see that his hand is only controlling the gun, but in the game he's also moving forward. How is he doing that?
Do u think it would be pluggable into any computer? Maybe on a Ubuntu laptop or something like that? Or a massive screen which runs android?
All we need is holographic television now
This is the future kind of stuff I've been waiting for since minority report.
Microsoft is likely to be the company that actually makes this work.
Is it for PC cause all I saw was a Mac? Awesome almost like in the flick IronMan!
very cool, they have a item at MIT which works on thought process, it is still rough but very cool.
Dai Sun
Like it , but pc, not trarvis , not ai enough.
Very cool. Not sure what I'd use it for but very cool nonetheless!
i dont want to use my hands, im faster with my mouse
Very cool and I can think of a ton of ways I'd use it to increase my productivity. Sign me up.
I don't want to use my mouse, I'm faster with a keyboard. Actually, screw that, I'm faster with punch cards. /sarcasm.
It reminds me of Xbox Kinect in macro.
it reminds me of an ipad ae but i have done similar to that!!!!
Finally something look practical than slugish kinnect...
How much is one of these??
Humm arm going to heart after 5min I would be better if you could control it with you mind this way you would not have to move lol
What pre-order???? I want it Fuck'n now........
I am wordless, speechless and may be in he future keyboardless, mouseless
I'm on board for this awesome device! Can't wait to see what cool new things my laptop can do. I wonder what the system requirements are....
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The Tecnology's Amazing!!!!!!!!
"for the first time"...? I think not. Pretty cool though. More and more products remove touch from our lives, and it is an essential sense, a part of our lives. I wonder what this means for our development as tactile creatures (maybe nothing).
Maybe good for gaming ,conferences and interactive teaching.must be an off button
GREATE fun, but it is not useful. Computers are not only for the entertainment.
wow. looks awesome. and a bit tiring..
Looks fun to play with but not for regular use.
amazing ! excellent with superb ! totally unique !
Preordered! Hope this doesnt become vaporware!!
Hi, i have seen this about a week ago. I am seriously thinking of pre-ordering it!!
Only for $79.99. This is too good to be true!
That was really cool. I could use something like that.
Anyone know how to type on that thing?
Este es el futuro? ó el presente?
Pfft...this would be at least 500$.....70$ GIVE ME 10!
wow that's cool. when are you gonna give that to the market? can't wait to have that one..
This would be awesome until my arms started getting tired!
Looks like it's just a MS Kinect laying on it's back. Yet another "Revolutionary Invention" from Apple.
That is just... really neat!
i like it .........
so cool........:-)
1. I always thought Tom Cruise's arms would get tired when I was watching Minority Report. Ditto for this.
2. Theremin was way ahead of his time.
I like (and enjoy) the concept.  I have X-box kinects that wears me out and makes me tired.  For computing on a daily basis, I would have to pass unless voice controls were incorporated also.  Unfortunately I don't see a keyboard being totally replaced yet!
Amazing thing that i cann't believe it's true! 
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