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LOL "So It's Come to This, Has It?" 
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What's not to like? The fact that people are using a crappy camera phone to take a photo, then using rubbish 'filters' and the most awful 'depth of field simulator' to try and polish a turd.
"camera phones are to photography are what instant noodles are to cooking". If you use your phone to take a photo it is what it is. Don't try and change it to look like it was taken with an actual camera. My depth of field simulator is my 50mm 1.8 lens. My black and white 'filter effect' is my Ilford HP5+ 35mm film.
+James Taylor yeah... that's a little too much, I don't take my camera phone photos too serious, I am sure a lot of the people using instagram don't either (or at least I HOPE).. comparing them to a 1.8 lens and a HP5+ well that's, comparing an instagram photo to a 1.8 lens! :P but I still hate dislike instagram so I get what you say 
I use my camera phone to take photos of things quickly that I need to remember. Or evidence of something happening. That is what it is for. There are so many people on Instagram taking a photo of a window, adding a four corner burn then a filter that makes it look as if it was shot on black and white film then people calling it the best photo they have ever seen. People need to buy a real camera to capture their images. Not a 2mm by 2mm sensor with a plastic disk for a lens.
+James Taylor that I totally agree with, either people need to learn how to use filters, use them JUST for fun, or not use them at all. I plea for the day one of those 3 happens and people stop calling them "art", it degrades the meaning of the word! I, speaking in behalf of my mother who is a REAL artist. 
Iv just had a look at some of your landscapes +Shanti Gilbert and they are amazing. I'm not a landscape photographer myself but can certainly appreciate them.
Yeah that's fine +Owen Stickley but people have to accept the photo for what it is. Not try and simulate depth of field or out of date film.
I wonder how much posh cameras are like posh cars? The owners fall in love with those, cherish and talk about them all the time. And completely fail to notice the superficial snobbery there.

Having a talent you can paint a heartbreakingly beautiful picture with just a pile of dung and a brick wall. Having only truckloads of cash you will end up with boring rubbish whatever expensive art shit you use. 
You want a black and white film looking photo then use black and white film. You want a strange looking washed out of date film look use out of date film. You want depth of field use a proper lens.
+Oleg Mihailik I use a £50 35mm film camera and lens. I don't you you can class that as posh or expensive.
+Oleg Mihailik yeah, that I also agree with... I do not think it takes expensive equipment to make art, I think it takes talent and a great eye, but not a filter that makes every photo look the same... 
Using real film is as much about art as drawing with poisonous arsenic-based medieval paints. Probably a good idea for personal inspiration, but by no means a pass into artistic society. 
+Oleg Mihailik I've seen great examples of great photos taken with a pinhole and a mobile camera, the quality may be "shit" by today's standards, but the point is still a great photo with great talent does not require an expensive camera, nor a special one. I am not against filters, I will say that again, I am just against shitty ones that make all the photos looks the same.  
+Owen Stickley touche my friend! touche! that was a good reply and I had it coming! :P I've always said (and I do think) art is subjective and here I am arguing about it! :P  
This is nothing to do with art or equipment. I am simply saying for people to stop trying to make their photos something they are not. They do not have depth of field and they were not push processed. Stop trying to make them look as if they were while the people who do it for real are laughing at you.
I like using my smart phone as a complementary camera. I have no interest in Instagram or such filters.

As far as the quality of phone cameras:

1) I can and do take good pictures with any camera. (Ask me if you want to see some of my phone camera pics, as examples.) The photographer is a much more important factor toward obtaining good pictures than the equipment.

2) My phone has a quite decent camera anyway.

3) I've sold stock shots made with my phone. If they're good enough for paying clients, then I'm happy to add my phone to my photographic arsenal.
+Owen Stickley because I do admit when I am wrong, as hard as it is to accept :P 

and +Mike Spinak you had to come by and explain it wayyy better in 1 reply than I can in 20 or so! for that, I thank you :P 
Ricky Ellis
Some of the elitist themes in this thread illustrate the reason I left the 'camera club' domain many years ago.... It's simple ... If the shot looks good ... It is good....
You guys can sniffer up your sleeve as much as you like at people who are trying to be creative through using whatever medium is to hand..
By doing so you make yourself and your small minded conversation irrelevant

It reminds me of the purist crap I heard years ago..... Oh you can't listen to that music on a cd.... It's gotta be vinyl.

Time to wake up lads....
Hipsters mark the death of the human species.
David Hay
What +Ricky Ellis said +100. I've taken some damn fine shots on my phone cameras over the years. I know this from being praised by respectable photographers. I even told the less pompous ones they were taken on a phone and they didn't seem bothered. The photographer is way more important than how expensive his gear is.
Instagram is such a crappy app - I don't get why people use it!
Thanks David... I just stumbled on this thread... Had to comment
If you think people will stop having fun and enjoying themselves because some snob photographers may be laughing at them, you really are out of touch with reality.
Sticking a vintage filter on a bad photo turns it to Art, didn't you know?
why smart phone photos  are not as good as professional camera photos?
how much does a hipster weigh ?

an instagram, lol
I have to admit that I just don't like instagram photos.  Maybe it's just me but many look like they were photos taken from the 50s.  Just don't like the color or quality of them.
If a camera is what you are looking for on your phone then the pureview 808 is definitely your best choice
41 megapixel anybody
I don't. Pictures should have their original horrific qualities.
from 4 MP onwords everthing is same
+Jeremy Branham that is the point. They are supposed to have that quality. Funny how everyone poo-poo's on instagram. I think it is a great app. IMHO
I subscribe to the philosophy that the best camera is the one you have on you. That is why I have been carrying around my DSLR everywhere lately. I have been able to make some photos that I would not have been able to make with a cell phone.
I have always wondered why people are so down with Instagram, it is a nice sharing tool and people are having fun with it, I for one prefer to critique myself first rather than jump to critique others :). 
+Lee Earley I just got my first smartphone today so I couldn't really comment on the use instagram and the quality of the photos until I tested my own phone.  You should have seen the phone I had until today (it was from 2004)!
There's this weird notion among wannabe photographers and teenage girls that states: anything that goes sepia or greyscale is art.
Wow. What snobbery. Look at me, I'm a proper photographer unlike you. Enjoy your SLR and/or enjoy your smartphone and whatever apps you want and just get on with it. Stop worrying about other people.
Regardless of opinions on photography, which I don't think he was asking for, the picture is funny observational humour. =P
In their defense, the phail artists are calling people who appreciate a clear and naturally colored photo snobby photographers.
I am not in any way an artist and i dont even use my 8MP smartphone camera. But if i really appreciate it when someone posts a normal photo with natural colors. Does it also make me snobby?
Yeh.. Have to agree instagram has a really bad tilt shift feature, however any of the tilt shift apps can do a much better job!
One thing that is good for camera phones is that a lot of people are thing photographs.
+Francois Zard no, but calling people phail artists definitely do. I can appreciate both camps and I think okay, it's great if amateur people can take cool photos (according to them), it might even get them to study proper photography in time.
Instagram is Al for fun, what the jewel y'all talking about.Who the hell wanna keep carrying around a huge camera everywhere they go, its all for fun guys, just for fun
You've gotta love this thread. Most people using cameraphones and instagram are the sort of people who used to use shitty compacts. They are more interested in what they are recording than how it appears. I'm a serious photographer and that is true for me too. There are a nunber of places where I just want to share something I've seen or capture my daughter off the cuff. Guess what, a Galaxy Mini 2 with a shit camera is a better choice than my Linhof Technika. I don't use instagram, but I can see why somepeople enjoy the
another example of the common misconception that megapixels=quality
A picture is either good or bad, theres really not much else to it. Hating instagram and camera phones is misplaced - these are only tools - what people are hating is how most people use it. I use everything from a holga to my phone to a good DSLR and my quality to crap ratio is the same on all.
Personally, I'm happy to have instagram and the like keeping low-fi photography alive while real film becomes more and more inaccessible. The DSLR perfectionism was getting really annoying and producing just as uninteresting photography.
But the '99% of everything is crap' rule applies as always.
Made me laugh, so true we live in an era of CGI and the air brush.
Oh gosh, it's incredible the ability if human being to take himself as the one and only source of truth and then start judging everyone else... Please, let people have some fun! Holy crap!
Ok so instagram is not the best app in the world and it's probably considered cheating by proper photographers but seen as I don't carry my whistles and bells all singing and dancing super zoom mega exposure time travelling camera everywhere I go I tend to take photos on my camera phone of things that I see that I like. Then maybe run it through instagram to make it a little more interesting. As I am not a photographer and don't know how to do these things I find it quite fun. 
All these comments should be saved and reviewed in 5 years time just for a laugh.
Besides if you are that good a photographer you should be able to blow instagram wannabes like me out of the water. 
why can't people spell "you're" anymore... as in "you are".. The usage of "your" in this context is wrong.  "Your" denotes possession.  as in "your phone; your house," etc. 
kalo aku sih suka bgt sama instagram, biar eksis
kalo aku sih suka bgt sama instagram, biar eksis
We all know photographers photoshop everything even though they used their sooper dooper cameras. Give me my iPhone and apps any day. If your good enough you'll get good pics no matter what you use
Did this picture seriously start a debate? Woow...lames!
Oh and I meant to say you're just like Viv points out
Yeah! WTH is up with that???
Smart phone can locate the user but still can no "Beam it UP"
Nice to see how funny pictures can trigger serious arguments. I just laughed when I saw the picture, thinking "how true! :'D"

But what +Ricky Ellis said is also true. If it looks good, that's enough. If some people like it, it's enough.

[offtopic] Kinda offtopic, but it reminds me of a programmer who said "if you use Photoshop and don't understand what the filter actually does, you're a noob", then explained what Filter XY does and tried reproduce the effect using the basic methods behind the filter. Didn't see the outcome, but he used such a complicated way that I was just thinking "Wtf? Okey.... if you like to do it this way, go on" (...and waste more time!). [/offtopic]
i suta
Why must you mock at girls playing with their doll house and say 'that's not a real house' or boys with their toy gun and say 'that's not a real gun'. Oh... just let them have fun in their own way with camera phones and instagram or snapseed or whatever...
Why do you use a cell phone to do photography in the first place?
Go Buy a DSLR. Or a FSLR
Don't understand the attitude of 'don't make the photo something it isn't'.  Fine.  Don't scan or develop your negatives and make them something they aren't.  What?  That's what they're for?  Like digital filters are there to transform information you mean?
It looks like he's thinking " I need another weekend on the holodeck".
hey everyone can you please put me through this site  i need a friend to help
Lots of people missing the point here. Instagram works well with naive photographers and large megapixels because it gives them a second chance to frame the image. This is arguably the most important part of taking a nice looking image. After that they can add frames and effects by trial and error and then share the photos. Framing + sharing are the key to Instagram's huge success.
In the past people bored their friends & family with crappy pictures. Now they share with everyone and with crappy effects added.
Seems a lot butthurt dslr owner here, soon camera phone will keep up with dslr..
We are running in Circles.
We look forward to be Adults. The moment we are ones, We miss the old times. :)
Thats messed up but the blur & color give it style
I like the pic but I love instagram.
Better Megapixels than earlier. The old ones used to have like four or five megapixels maximum.
Could you imagine the conversation painters had when the camera came out?.....where is the art in that.....u point and u shoot.....u cannot capture the real emotion....what about brush strokes?.....I suppose the only real way to determine what is art now is by the condescending tone.
True professionals don't give a rat's ass what their "art" is made on, whether it's photography, music, writing, whatever... Would Joyce's works have been any less meaningful if typed on a smartphone? Would Milstein have been unable to make music in a kid's half-size violin? Get a grip...
Even the megapixel portion of this argument is a bit pretentious.  I have perfectly servicable prints from a 3 megapixel camera.  The megapixel count changes what size your prints will still look good in.  That's all.
+Ricky Ellis I would agree with everything but compression of music does not compensate for better quality as taking a good picture with a phone, SLR, Polaroid or disposable camera. 
I like Instagram because I love cat pictures posted there. Problem?
But how can I make Hipster pics if I don't use Instagram to blur my 1:1 ratio pics?
The issue is not the amount of megapixels, but lens quality. That's where SLR's make the difference. But then, portability becomes an issue, so programs like Instagram have made low quality shots, artistic and cool through the use of filters. Just don't try to make a poster out them..
Nobody is trying to pretend their photos are taken with a decent camera, it's just a bit of fun, it's good to share.
I have a good camera, a digital camera and my phone camera, phone cameras are there to capture and share moments that would be lost otherwise. Fun!
Instagram rules!!

enter the hipsters who hate on my opinion
It takes a good eye to capture a good picture not good equipment.
Sure, but good equipment certainly helps.
instagram is the worst thing to ever happen to photography. I downloaded it on my HTC Desire HD just to hear one iphone iphanboy cry. I have never even started the app. 
SLRs are different than phones, sir. We're talking about the phone's megapixels, even though they don't really matter unless you zoom in on the pictures.
Never understood the use for instagram, never have used it... then again I don't need it... I have Android :)
Instagram is pointless hippie crap. Seriously guys just get over this stupid trend pleeeease and get back to taking real photos!
This is the thing...

I'm not able to take my DSLR everywhere I go, I can quickly shoot with my 4S and get something that looks relatively cool but I accept it for what it is. All the instagram hate isn't necessary because if you had a camera for each fake film/filter, you'd be a slow walker wit all that gear on you. Do I think it negates the power of real photography? Not at all... It's another way to capture and just because it's a form of a camera it should be accepted. Take it for what it is but if someone thinks it's art, let them believe their lies.
I used to be against all those filters used but I ultimately found them to be fun. I also don't think I'm a genius for my iPhone shot but it's sure as hell fun. Shit it might spark the "I need to get a real camera" thought, what's bad about fun and the potential to create another photographer?

+Shanti Gilbert art is what the artist creates and the brand or tools used to create the art does not matter. I believe +Lisa Bettany uses both her iPhone and a DSLR to create great photos, aka her art...
Hate Instagram? Download other on phone edit software, take a photo, edit using that instead of the limited filters, and then share it on Instagram. The only good thing bout instagram is there is another community there. If it's just another app, I doubt why Facebook even bother to buy it over.
When Instagram and Hipstamatic first came out, I thought this would be the thing that would get more people into photography with film cameras since most of the filters try and emulate film.  Boy was I wrong.  A lot of the girls I know that shoot started to slowly shoot less and less with real cameras and more and more with Instagram because of it's tie in with Facebook, Twitter, and other social apps.  You can do more with a real camera, and if you disagree, you should pick up a book and learn all the things you are missing out when you understand everything there is to know about shooting with real cameras. 
+James Taylor even polished turds can be art... check out the +Mythbusters episode in which they actually do polish turds and end up with very surprising looking result!
LoL I post stuff on instagram with no filters or anything. And I still get no feedback, so yes instagram is trendy 
First world problems. You guys, come on. Not that long ago my mom passed and going through an old photo album I found some Polaroids that I now cherish more than anything. It's a PICTURE Ansel! Relax! The medium doesn't matter nor the means only the evocation.
People mad about instagram or ranting about it is nonsense, it's like real musicians complain about guitar hero and rock band making people enjoy using guitar shaped controllers to have some fun. Personally I've never touched a camera or cared about composition, or how my camera settings were helping or not to give my normal pictures a good look, I just pointed and shoot, since I've been in Instagram I've learned so much, I even bought a DSLR ro improve and have real manuals settings, instagram is for fun, but itbdoes inspire you, it does make you want to take better photos but in the end its just a fun way to share pictures the same way that guitar hero at the end was just about having fun with your mates.
Im pretty shur that the cameras on our phones are terrible anyway.
I don't use instagram but can see that people use it for quick fun and sometimes get good results from a device that's primarily a phone/internet & camera last, instagram is just that.. very basic very quick... smartphones are usually carried everywhere. Of course the results wont be as good as a high end camera with high end lens's by an experienced photographer who spends hours/days/weeks and probably does little else. And to be honest I couldn't be bothered to carry around a huge camera/bag/numerous lenses.. and from what I've read in this post are very snobbish.. a photo cant be taken/edited/enjoyed unless you have a super camera? Bull#@%t
I've seen professional photographers (read: people who get their work published in magazines like Time and National Geographic) use their iPhones to take pictures that really look amazing. It's possible, in the hands of someone who knows what they are doing.
The real error is you do mot get 3D images. And 3D is big in the 24th century. So that makes you look like an old timer, you know the ones with only an AM tube type radio.
Don't use Instagram, I get automatic blurring due to handshake from old age :)
like this post dear,,,,,,,
is this an iPhone thing? I don't see a lot of droid users doing this.
I like using Instagram to simply have fun with it. Its nothing more than a harmless camera application. You can't just denounce someone else's "art" because of the platform used, or because you don't like the method. There is absolutely a difference, however, between these camera phone photos and photos taken with legitimate cameras. I do miss my old olympus :)
WOW... Just wow. Who cares if people use their camera phones to take pictures and then use Instagram or other software to alter it to make it look something different?
This elitist attitude towards picture taking is honestly quite comical and deserves a Picard double facepalm
i love how bent out of shape and generally OTT everyone is reacting to a harmless bit of every day web comedy.can you really take this 'that" seriously?? i thought it was a harmless joke personally.some folks need to lighten up just a tad.
Hey! They did the same with MP3's remember. High quality almost perfect audio recordings at 96Khz, and an "awesome" audio plugin to add that "analogue warmth" to your music by digitally re-creating hiss, clicks and wow and flutter to a digitally mastered recording, an not forgetting needle bounce and pop! Gosh I miss my old vinyls..... :D
Instagram is a social app too. I stay in touch with a friend who doesn't use any other social media site.

And you can upload photos taken from a DSLR as well. Some of the photos you might think are crap merely because you also think they were taken on a camera phone... well, turns out you were wrong on both counts.
Istagram photos make everyone look younger. You cannot see the wrinkles
I have HTC one x and a D3100. My Nikon is getting dusty. Don't have time to carry a big camera around everywhere.
I have my phone for taking quick snaps of stuff I don't have time to get my Lumix out for. There's 1,562 photos on my phone and 23GB of photos on the 32GB card in my camera. Go figure.
The last time I Instagrammed myself I ended up at Facebook... What's up with that? ;)
some people are just persistent, and some are humorist. I feel like i'm leaning into the second one.

Thank God.
I totally agree with you +Owen Stickley, as an amateur photographer I still have to buy me a decent camera, all I have to go for now is my iPhone. However while is not as artistic as a real camera is a good way to practice! :)
Films, lenses, dslr, smartfone cameras, are all mediums to the Art of photography. No biggie. Dont be bitter just because it took you longer to create your art than those who uses technologies... We cant please everyone.
I don't have one so i do not know
Invite me on BBM my pin is 21475CC4
I can appreciate a $3,000 camera rig, but I can't afford one, and if I could, it would never appreciate its potential in my hands. My $500 Android is always by my side, and my much larger $300 Canon comes with me on vacation. My needs are met. 
This argument is just stupid. Photography is about vision, not the camera. 
Taylor & Gilbert, probably the most pretentious people I have ever seen comment on something so subjective.

Exactly what qualifies you, or anybody else, to define what is or isn't art? You strike me as the sort that can look at a stain on an otherwise blank canvas and call it profound.

I think you seriously need to take a break from yourselves and your own pomposity.
I installed Instagram on my Android phone , just to piss off iPhoney users ... I then realised that the app wants you to be stalked by shitloads of other Instagram users ...
App uninstalled , not worth it .
Come on, stop complaining. People managed to create beauty in USSR. Comparing to those 'filters' Instagram is a beacon of creative freedom.

What is this storm all about anyway? Nobody likes Instagram anyway, whom you guys are arguing with?
Filters are magic, and depth of field apps like AfterFocus are the trick for some beautiful photos. It's an art not a crime like this thread is.
I want my photos to look naturally crappy. That's why I use BlackBerry.
ITT: butthurt photographers realizing the exponential growth of photographic technologies now allow 13 year old girls to mimic their modality with a cellphone. Baaaw harder, I'm certain that will elevate your qualitative worth
I have had a cell phone only photo blog since 2007, and Ive really enjoyed the different iterations of it with the poorer quality cameras.
Hey Captain, even though the holodeck has achieved reality-grade color, your "noir"-styled Dixon Hill adventures could profit from the feeling and ambience of a world rendered through the high contrast black-and-white "Inkwell" filter. Your technology should be able to handle it
I find Instagram totally useless, but I use it anyway. :3
Mediocre joke is made-
Everyone's sense of entitlement has stripped them of a sense of humor. 
Lighten up people.
I don't use filters or modify my pics in any way, and i take every pic with my Android phone. I take pics because i like the way something looks, or because i want to remember a point in time. I don't care if it looks good to other people, and i have no plans to buy a $2000+ camera. It's just for fun. Like the meme this discussion was based on. If it's art to you, then it's art.
C Banks
Blurring photos reduces wrinkles. :D
lol, this pic is very true.
Ha! I ask myself this quite often as well.
hahahaha use the right tools for the right job
hahaha! come to think of it. You've got your point!
I came to this conversation a bit late, but what's the difference between post processing a photo on a simple app instead of in photoshop? I see some folks are saying you shouldn't be faking depth of field with apps like Instagram, yet (I haven't asked) Im sure most photogs in this discussion have edited their way to an unnaturally resulting photo in some software.

It's all the same shit, so let the kids enjoy their outlet (be it a simple one) of expression. 
I still using 90s cameras to take photos LOL
+James Taylor Good photos aren't always about good equipment. If you have a good composition with a good subject and nice colours, then even a smartphone can take a good photo. You don't always need a dslr.
This argument is just like iOS vs android, PC gaming vs console.
Hey +Mike Spinak I would love to see some of your phone photos, and was wondering if you could give me some tips. As much as I want a camera, something about taking amazing photos with a phone makes me feel like I've accomplished something and I hope one day it will be a thing of its own in the world of photography
Saw it on iFunny. So true. 
Now I can take low OR high quality photos of my food. Huzzah.
instagram is simply something to play with.. it's nothing more than twitter but with pictures.. I use my camera on my galaxy often, but not for actual photography.. thats where my nikon comes in.. instagram is nothing more than another game played app that everyone has and uses..
You know what? Instagram pics can be nice looking, interesting, etc. And I can do it with my smartphone. I don't have the time, money, interest to do it "right" but because of that I'm not supposed to do it at all?

Oh and also, anyone using a digital camera of any sort and criticizing digital filters for not being "the real thing" is a hypocrite.
Oh yeah and I don't consider my cute pics of my daughter, taken on the fly, and made to look interesting with Instagram, "art". They are what they are...neat shots to look at, taken with what is in my pocket.
I use afterfocus..much better than instagram...fact.
I have tried Instagram.  Not very interesting or useful.  I just haven't got around to deleting it yet.
I think you have way too much time, and kids, on your hands, try something fun like, anything but that.
Good thing the HTC Titan II has a 16MP camera and is running Windows Phone, which doesn't have Instagram. ;)
Yeah, I don't get Instagram either. What a waste of decent camera capability.
Smart phones and other convenience type cameras are wonderful in helping people create memories and their own form of art and share with whoever they desire.
However, the accessibility to create and share photos in staggering numbers has finished the value of how photographs are viewed in general: easy to create, free to share, who cares, everybody does it. Nonetheless, a photograph is no different than a song or a movie in respect to the copyright of the author. The amount of piracy and revenue lost as a result is truly staggering in the world of photography.

Whatever happened to people just agreeing to disagree? To each his own i say.
"Hur hur use a real camera hur hur." Says the guy who most likely listens to MP3s, drinks Miller Light, and puts American cheese on his bologna sandwich.
Frankly, I don't get the purist viewpoint. I've used DSLR's since 2005 but fail to see why playing with Instagram just for some fun and easy sharing is such a horror and quite enjoy the best of both worlds.
I'm gonna piss a lot of photographers off now, but calling photographs art is like calling a guy with a tape recorder at a concert a musician. Just saying that capturing something beautiful doesn't mean that you created anything. Instagram enables us to share images more easily, and what would this life be if we couldn't share it with anyone?
Some people enjoy dabbling with photography through a convenient medium. Be it micro 4/3 point n' shoot or camera phone it doesn't matter to me, because I like being creative. If you have something against people using camera phones to create content then don't partake in that content, no ones forcing you to look at it.
"The march of progress": BACKWARDS.
I can't afford a posh camera so my iPhone will have to do, so tough. If I want to call my pictures "art" then that's what I'll do. Everyone has a different perception and interpretation of the word. If you don't like it, then well that's too bad. 
So true... But ive got an ipod touch and i think its very stupid. Amen to the guy that thought of this pic!
I use camera phone for instant uploads and for the sake of the moments. I use my Nikon and Lumix GF2 to take more creative shots. I like instagram but somehow I can't bring myself to appreciate the filters so I don't download the app. So I'll get back to this and read all the comments later. It's a good topic to learn more about.
I feel the same way about instagram, but i think im going to get a smug-overdose from the photography folks here so ill just mosey on back to the smartphone tech news section...
I blame human stupidity, which seems to be truly infinite...
+Philip Coetsee you obviously need to look into photography some more. I am by no means a photographer but it is not all snapshots in the living room or at Tour Eifel. Some shots are entirely created in a studio directex by the pgotographer, just to make an example
+Peter Robertson who said that i paid out in one go for my iPhone? It's on contract so I pay for mine monthly. 
I have the one x.. the camera is fantastic.. i think im going to use the filters in the phone itself.....
Also instagram crops the picture which makes it look horrible!. I use my phone camera as an alt to my slr.
(F 2.2)
For those talking about the professional photography snobbery, I am not a professional AT ALL.  I just got my first camera that wasn't a point and shoot.  However, we still have our own preferences.  Isn't it OK to not like instagram just because we don't like the look?  You don't need to be a "snob" to dislike instagram.
I got the EVO 4 g LTE yesterday and the camera on that is amazing just saying 
hahaha that is so funny.....the man looks tired
+Robert Stearman correction: pro photogs Can Be the biggest etc.. Ive traveled all over the world with many pros who eill happily whip out their phone or point and shoot because they want to capture the moment quickly and without the hassle of setting up their rigs. Then again, they believe in the democratization of art.
+Raja Sharma You couldn't be any further from what this post meant...Instagram just has terrible filters that ruin any photo you take on your phone. It doesn't make the pictures artistic, they just turn into absolute crap. I hope no one is trying to do serious photography on a cell phone camera, it's not the right tool for the job. If you want to share pictures that you take with your camera, there are plenty of apps to do that for you.
I have an ATRIX 2 with camera zoom fx. It has a bunch of add on stuff to change the pic. But for me it takes away from what I want the pic to be. Clear and absorb the colors around not change and distort the image. I love the pics the phone takes. But in time buy a camera that gives me more megapixals. And more depth to pics. You can zoom in more to see more quality. Not downgrade the picture the what it is.
Or photoshop to screw them up.
I've never claimed to be a pro photographer. I've not made a penny out of any picture I've taken 
I dont care what anyone says I take my pics on a russian toy camera and I love them. Enough already.
+Raja Sharma I understand - but I still stand by my point - if you're going to take actual pictures, use a good digital camera or DSLR. Cell phones are good for spur of the moment photos, where you probably don't have your camera on you. And then to add to this, people ruin the photo quality with instagram...WHY? :\
My photos are blurry even without instagram.
Hey! I am certainly no photographer, so I greatly appreciate those of you who are! I use my camera on my iPhone because it is handy, not because I expect a work of art. I leave that up to you experts. Cameras on cellphones serve a certain purpose and market & I can see from your comments that it must not be professional photographers! When I need photos done for work, I have them done by a professional. Thanks for your beautiful work, people!
a professional wll help whn i need the one for my family or work but for any a cellphone camera wll do 
Bri Boo
lolololololololol ikr!
New photo:
Megapixels just means how large the final image can be before it starts to lose quality.  You can take good pictures with a low megapixel camera, they just can't be as large as a picture with a higher megapixel camera.
Buhh...buhh... BUT I LOVE INSTAGRAM. :/
I have been an avid camera user since the 60's. So glad my phone has a "decent" camera.
Love my Nikon F1.
But what brings joy to me? Getting pictures from relatives and friends that would never ever take the time to send me pictures before. I can take these at face value. Love a well taken photograph. And I know the difference.
To each their own I say
Any camera from a phone looks like crap. People often store these phones in their pockets, purses, and other places where they can easily scratch the lens or put smeared fingerprints on them. Instagram makes it worse by blurring the image even worse than the original picture. I still haven't seen a good piece photographic art from something that comes from a camera phone.

DSLR and "Point and Shoot" cameras do a great job because the owners try to keep the lens clean properly and use lens covers. There is more pride in taking photographs from these cameras and the person using is probably thinking that it may become  famous photograph. I can't imagine looking at famous historical photographs if they were taken from a phone...they wouldn't be famous.
dude ur crazy Iphone 4 camera is amazing
Concordo plenamente! instagram é uma bosta!
Don't even use Instagram...don't see the purpose!
+Shawn Allen To add filters and borders and to share with your friends. It's not hard to understand. 
Megapixels have nothing to do with quality. Camera phone sensors are horrible, regardless of size, although they are coming along. 
wats dat fuckin Instagram mean??
+Costin Bociu Sure there are professional PHOTOGRAPHERS. Not to be confused with ARTISTS. Some photographers can CREATE art by manipulating photos. But just using an expensive camera with an expensive lense to justify calling something art is like calling a van Gogh drawing crap because he used a pencil. At the end of some settings, a photographer is actually just pressing a button. 
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