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Great for a Laugh: Exposure Doesn't Pay Bills
Exposure Doesn't Pay Bills

h/t +Enzo Dal Verme
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Not just photographers, that apply to designers, illustrators... LOL!
Friends often don't understand why I refuse to shoot their happenings (I'm a hobby photographer) and refer them to a pro, but it's all saidin the video :-)
i like it even though i have'nt looked at it but even the frount cover looks cool!
This is great. Relevant to anyone who is in sales. My sales rospects always want free designs, time and the maximum discounts. Good perspective here.
This concept can be also applies to the music and not only that thanks for sharing (^_^) Y
All artists often have this experience and probably always have. Good job!
Every profession is familiar with this plight, commonly known as shopping for a price.
+Infonomics Infonomx Shopping for price is one thing. Asking for a product or service for free is quite another.
I used to manage a camera store, and did the occassional photo shoot professionally. It was almost insulting the number of people that came into my store that would ask if I'd do some free shooting for them.
Right, because my time has no value, and on top of that, you would like me to pay for the photofinishing costs. Sure, you can take photos with your point-&-shoot. But you're not going to get the same results as my portfolio that you were just leafing through. Not to sound elitist, but it takes both technical savvy and aesthetic talent to get those kinds of results consistently. If you want someone to do quality work for you, then why are you reluctant to pay them a fair price?
kkkkk. adorei, belo trabalho...abraços
Well I just didn't understand what the people were saying... 
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