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NASA live streaming findings from Pluto
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This is to do with hairdos..nothing of NASA..
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Jim Goldstein

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Is technology killing your creativity?
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What I've noticed is that, with "some" designers, their creative inspiration is based heavily on the design used in whatever the current Apple OS GUI looks like.  Remember when jelly buttons started showing up in advertisements?
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Jim Goldstein

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Photographer learns that the Queens Guards always have the right of way. 
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Hahahaha. A real photographer is always aware of its surroundings. This guy is s weekend warrior.
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Jim Goldstein

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Commercial for the best Selfie Stick available "Friend"
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Nail on the head. Love it... do not refer to friend as "selfie stick."
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Jim Goldstein

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Making plans for a photo trip? Here are the best times to visit some of the most popular US and Canadian National Parks 

via Lonely Planet
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I just did the Zion, Bryce, Arizona Slot canyons road trip a couple weeks ago. Got lucky with the weather for the most part, [something to consider in this time scale]. Most tourism in the last couple years I noticed are European and Canadian and just barely a few American. This graph doesn't really gauge the international effect as it can be year round for them from what I hear. 
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Jim Goldstein

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Black Bears in Yosemite. The latest Yosemite Nature Notes
A great watch.
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Nature Notes is great - THANKS for sharing this, Jim.
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Jim Goldstein

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My latest interview with +Rick Sammon on the DPExperience podcast talking about landscape trophy shots & finding your own vision 
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Jim Goldstein

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Adobe releases Photoshop CC 2015 (v16.0) + Lightroom CC update
Here's the short of the feature addition... with a shocker at the end so read it all.

Dehaze has been added as global editing tool. Sorry you can't locally apply this yet.

Content Aware Noise has been added to provide greater consistency to your edits. Nothing looks weirder than an image with noise in one area and magically no noise in another. While most people like to avoid noise most would agree you want your image to look consistent.

Realtime Healing Brush now you don't have to wait for your computer to make the edit. As you brush your image the healing changes take effect immediately.

Blur Gallery now has a noise panel. Again consistency across your image is a big plus whether you want noise or not.

Content Aware has been improved drastically. I'm looking forward to trying this out as many of my images have always been a battle to edit.

Transform on Drop now you can edit an image by dropping a cut out portion and before setting in place you can scale it for added perspective or scale.

Art Boards - if you use art boards to compare compositions you can now do so with tabs in a single file. This is helpful to reduce clutter and make it easy to compare compositions.

CreativeSync (specific to those with the CC package) is rebranded functionality to help you sync edits across computers and devices. If you're off line then you can still sync edits across multiple CC applications.

Photoshop Mix (mobile)
The following features have been added:
Vignetting, Curves, copy and paste settings with a long tap/hold on your tablet and B&W options.
The big to do is that Photoshop Mix is now available for Android users.
Also camera shake functionality has been added to the iOS version.

Adobe Stock
Adobe is getting into the stock game. Their previous acquisition Fotolia has been integrated into their CC suite of applications. Contributor commission covers a range so read up on the details to see if it's right for you.
(not yet up as of this time)

Read the full press release here:
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I get those Adobe surveys and I kept answering "no., I don't use stock." "No, I'm not interested in stock." "No, please don't get into stock." But they never listen to me.
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Jim Goldstein

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Who is planning on getting the Sony a7R II?
It looks like a beast with 42MP sensor, 4K video, up to ISO 102K+ and built in wifi. Very tempting. 
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My question is: will the electronic curtain option allow me to sync (studio) strobes at higher sync speeds? that would be a game changer
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Jim Goldstein

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The Truth About Toilet Swirl
This was a great! 
Sync the playback of these two video to be entertained and to learn if this phenomenon is real.
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Freaking awesome, awesome!!!!
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Jim Goldstein

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Very tempting B&H has the Sigma 24mm f/1.4 Art lens for Canon in stock

Has anyone used this lens yet? The other Art lenses in their series have been great.
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Jim Goldstein

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Killer waterproof camera case, AGUA, announced on Kickstarter. I was impressed enough to back it.  
Ohad Cohen is raising funds for The AGUA. A totally new way to carry your camera! on Kickstarter! It's not just a bag, it's not just a strap, It's AGUA! A super-protective, quick-draw, fully-adjustable revolutionary camera carrier.
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Perfect +Katherine Tattersfield! Can't wait to see you shots with that one!
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