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Snowy Sunrise at Gates of the Valley
First light breaking through the fog and over the steep granite walls of Yosemite Valley in  Yosemite National Park This image is one of the first film photos I've taken in 10 years. More info about the pinhole camera used to create this photo and my experiences returning to film can be found on my blog:
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+Seán Duggan Thanks. Yosemite makes it look easy of course.
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Jim Goldstein

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Total Eclipse of the Moon (Song) 
Nerd-tastic via +NPR  
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Jim Goldstein

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Ready for tomorrows Lunar Eclipse? Here's what you need to know

Eclipse details & diagrams via MrEclipse

A great exposure guide
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I felt the dark side of the moon :-)
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Impressive views of whales in Hawaii via RC quadcopter
My personal favorite is their swimming through the line up at Pipeline.
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That's utterly mesmerizing. I want a quadcopter. 
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Exciting news: "Lightroom goes mobile with new iPad solution & Lightroom v5.4"
Details on the Adobe Blog -
Download the app -

#Lighttroom   #lightroommobile   #adobe  
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You'd think being able to rate photos & add keywords would be pretty easy to implement 
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Jim Goldstein

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Massive Herd Of Hippos Faces Off With Hundreds Of Crocodiles In Epic Battle Of The Beasts

Unbelievable images!
Let's get ready to RUMBLE! This epic standoff was captured by photographer Marc Mol in 2011 during a trip over Zambia's South Luangwa National Park. Mol was taking a microlight flight early in the morning when he and his copilot saw more than 140 ...
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Am going to blame the meat eating crocs on this one. Same as I blame the protect our economy at all costs America(and its profit hungry multinational corporations) on the endless invasions.
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Your Monday Can't Be Any Worse Than This... Can It?
I'm not sure what he was thinking, but it will fill your daily dose of schadenfreude.
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Wow, Indiana should be proud!
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Jim Goldstein

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One of the more amazing aerial quadcopter photos I've yet to see... great work +Randy Jay Braun 
My book is published, and online. I feel proud. It is titled "Aerial Drone Photography: Essential Methods With Your Phantom Quadcopter." here is the link to the info page, if you have always wondered about the "new style" aerial techniques. Thanks for looking! ~randy
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So cool!
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Jim Goldstein

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The Time-lapsers Behind the Viral Videos You Watch
Always fun to meet up with the best time-lapse photographers in the country. This is the largest group of professional time-lapse photographers I've had the chance to meet in one event. Below is a sampling of their work:

Highlights of their work include:
Downtown -
Rio -
Mission 26 The Big Endeavor -
LA Light -
Finding Portland -
Albuquerque Balloon Festaval -
Expedition Iceland -
3 Days in Dubai -
NAB 2014 Highlight: 
Largest Meeting of Professional Time-lapse Photographers

It was an honor to host the largest meeting of professional time-lapse photographers at NAB. Odds are incredibly high that you've seen their work online, on TV and in movies. 

Highlights of their work include:
Downtown -
Rio - http://vimeo com/73053894
Mission 26 The Big Endeavor -
LA Light -
Finding Portland -
Albuquerque Balloon Festaval -
Expedition Iceland -
3 Days in Dubai -

+Chaz Curry +Joe Capra +Sean Parker +Jim Goldstein +Eric Hines +Matt Givot +Brian Hawkins +Ben Canales +Jeff Frost +Joel Schat +Drew Geraci +Alex Hallajian +Andrew Walker +Julie Hansard 

#NAB2014   #NAB   #timelapse   #photo   #photography   #timelapsevideo  
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Yosemite Falls Moonbow & Star Trails
This was taken sometime ago in Yosemite National Park on a lonely night with only wild raccoons to keep me awake. Scurrying noises in the dark tend to keep you on edge. Given that there was no room for anyone to pass me on the trail even the presence of a raccoon was unnerving as noises unleash one's imagination about what could be in the dark. What really was happening in the dark though was this amazing sight of a moonbow illuminated by moonlight. Human night vision doesn't allow one to see color that well so this only appeared vividly on my camera. 

More about this image can be found on my blog

#nightphotography   #yosemitenationalpark   #yosemitephotography   #landscapephotography   #startrailsphotography  
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+Mark Pearson +Chris Dellis While doing star trails, sometimes the photographer will expose small segments at a time as too long of an exposure will over expose the shot and also introduce noise into the image. The different exposures are combined in photoshop later, however the original exposure time for 1 exposure is retained in the EXIF data. 
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VP of Marketing, Internationally Published Pro Photographer and Author

I'm a professional web marketer, photographer and author based out of San Francisco, California.  

I am incredibly passionate about photography. 
Much of my work falls in the genres of landscape, nature and travel photography. 

My recent work and writing can be found on my blog at JMG-Galleries and I've recently released a new eBook titled Photographing the 4th Dimension - Time, featuring slow shutter & video techniques, the first of my new Inspired Exposure eBook series. Be sure to check it out.

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