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Moon Gone Bad

Everyone ran out and shot the moon the other night. Well, I got my good, "pretty" shots of the moon, nice and crisp, yadda yadda... but something about the same moon under a stormy sky over a little lake reeking a little havoc just make me happier. I wonder why that it.

#stormyfriday #supermoon2012 #adirondacks #adirondackfriday
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Doh! I really thought today was Friday... man, oh man the next two days are going to suck!
Hang in there, Jim, and I like this bad boy moon.
this is beautiful.... you can almost feel a calm before a storm!
Suzanne and Mike - thank you both.

Mark, of course. I was actually up at 4:30 today to see Joy off to Florida but I didn't get out of the house to shoot. On the way to the airport she texted me that the sky was on fire. I hate missing those opportunities.
I'll take this moon in a dramatic sky over any "pretty" moon! The is a gorgeous shot! I love the reflection!!
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