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Now you can share your goals (one at a time or in bulk)!

I noticed this just after midnight last night. This is a long awaited feature, and there were some audible gasps as I mentioned this in the office this morning.

Thanks to the GA team (+Eduardo Cereto Carvalho  - did you have a hand in this?)
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Hey Jim, I had nothing to do with this. I haven't even heard about this before you mentioned it.

I'm as surprised and delighted as you are. 

Even being part of the Analytics team is hard to stay on top of all the projects that we are working on at the same time. Very exciting product indeed.
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If you've ever needed to make a lookup table macro with more than 10 rows, you know how much of  pain it can be.

Not anymore. My friend and colleague +Jon Meck created a handy tool to automate this process.

This came about after I spent 15 minutes creating a lookup macro with about 70 rows, and was complaining about having to create another with about 90 rows. Jon heard my complaints, and 10 minutes later had a solution.

I created the next 90-row lookup table macro in about 5 seconds.
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Thanks for sharing!
Lookup tables are great but they would be even greater with the possibility to define the matching rule like in rules.
For instance if {{url}} matching regex ./product/. then {{pageType}} = "product page" (i know this is already doable but do that in lookup table would make it a lot easier for non-technical users who already uses GA segments, filters, goals, ...). 
Is this sthg on your roadmap +Brian Kuhn +Lukas Bergstrom ?
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Jim Gianoglio

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Are you using Exclude filters in Google Analytics to filter data in your Views?

There's a smarter way to do it:

[SPOILER: reduce the negative side effects of sampling!]
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Jim Gianoglio

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Who has experience writing software for POS systems? Want to collaborate to automate tracking of in-store purchases in Google Analytics?
Just because your transactions happen offline doesn't mean you can't track them in Google Analytics. Use offline tracking via the measurement protocol with Universal Analytics to track even your offline revenue to get a bigger picture and more insights on your data.
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Jim Gianoglio

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This is for you, +Sayf Sharif
I need an intervention. I am letting all variations and covers of "Royals" play one by one on Spotify. And I just got to the Beverly Hillbillies version performed by The Beef Seed. DO NOT go listen to that.
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Using +Google Analytics hands free is very intuitive with "OK GA." There's natural language processing built in, so you don't have to worry about talking like a robot, you just speak normally.
Last year both +Jim Gianoglio and I broke our hands in bike accidents, and had to push our way through using +Google Analytics as hands free as possible. Since then we've been working on an "OK Google" inspired hand free interface for the GA interface, and we're almost ready to release it into the wild after testing it internally here at +LunaMetrics. Introducing OK GA.
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This should be required reading for anyone using GTM.
The Container Snippet: GTM Secrets Revealed

NERD ALERT! I wrote a post explaining just what the container snippet (required by Google Tag Manager) is and what it does. It should be in layman's terms, so even non-developers should understand what's going on.

The point is that it's ALWAYS a good thing to question and examine just what you're copy-pasting into your page template, so that you don't have to act on blind faith alone. Too many people take for granted all sorts of JavaScript and XHTML code snippets they find online, which might result in problems along the way.

TL;DR: The container snippet does nothing nefarious. It sets up your dataLayer object (if you haven't done so yourself), it pushes the first event (gtm.js) into the dataLayer, and it adds the script tag to your page template which loads the external gtm.js library from Google's servers.
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No - thank you! Seriously, keep those great GTM posts coming :)
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Jim Gianoglio

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Here's your chance to show your custom GA skills.
We're running a competition to find the best Custom Report in Google Analytics. Submit your template to the panel of expert judges (previous judges have included Justin Cutroni, Adam Singer, and Daniel Waisberg!), for your chance to win Google Play Gift Cards, and digital analytics glory. Details:
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I just noticed a subtle update to the Goals configuration screen in GA. I'm usually a fan of the changes the team has been making lately, but I'm afraid this misses the mark.

Now, instead of showing all 20 goals on one screen, it only shows you 10 at a time, by default. You have a drop down menu to choose to show more rows. Although it lists 10, 25, 50, 100, 250 and 500, only the 10 and 25 are clickable (the other options are grayed out). This actually makes me hopeful that maybe they're working on increasing the number of goals per view. That would be awesome.

Another new feature is the ability to sort your goals by the goal name, ID, or Past 7 day conversion. Before, you could only sort by the goal name. At first, I was thrilled - in fact this would have been very helpful to me yesterday. But when I tried it out, I was disappointed. Sorting by Goal ID does NOT sort numerically lowest to highest (or vice versa), it sorts alphabetically. #Facepalm. So now I can sort my goals in the following order:

Close, but no cigar.
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+Stephane Hamel One can hope :)
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Wondering how to use the new Content  Groupings feature in Google Analytics? +Alex Moore has some ideas -
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Wonderful innovation & Valuable information...
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You had me at "Hello, world!"
Hi, I'm Jim - web geek, husband and father. I am a Digitial Analytics Engineer with LunaMetrics in Pittsburgh. In addition, my wonderful wife Pam and I work together in our business - Satori Studios. We photograph weddings in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas, and also specialize in maternity and baby portraits.

I'm glad you stopped by my Google profile page - have a great day!
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Very helpful baristas - they took the time to explain the chemex pour-over method to me, and recommended several different beans (and explained the different characteristics of each). Well worth the 20 block walk!
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I wasn't looking for anything fancy - just a burger and fries (not really what this place is known for). The food was good (maybe a little overpriced).
Public - 2 years ago
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Only packets of sugar - no container that you can just pour from.
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No spinach at this Subway location (at least when I visited) - only shredded iceberg lettuce. Also, there's not much seating, so it's better if you're just getting it to go.
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7 reviews
Shops are ok, but had to walk a while before finding a coffee shop. No Starbucks, but they have Duncan Donuts and Au Bon Pain.
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Good beer selection - the Jeremiah Red had good flavor.
Public - 2 years ago
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Good lunch specials - I had the steak burrito and chicken tortilla soup. It was a pretty big portion for lunch. They did a great job with the size of our group (14).
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reviewed 3 years ago