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Find an inLineDrawing element and act upon it

I have asked this question in, but someone suggested I ask here since no one there seems to have expertise on this.
This is my Google doc -

From a script on sheets I have been able to list the elements on this page to include an inLineDrawing, which is the Orange Button that says Enter New Note.

I need to change the URL of this ILD to point to the new Google form I have created.

More details of what I have done to try so far are here:

Ask me anything! I need to find a solution to this one.

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I think it is likely that the ACS Slow flight method of "not hanging out with the stall warning blaring" will help pilots take more immediate action when it does go off, because they have not been made tolerant of it. However, they should see and hear what happens when it does, and see that if it happens they can recover. They should also know that at times it can happen much faster than the instructor is teaching which is why they should deal with it before it happens.

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Buttons for Hyperlinks... almost...

With the members of this community and others I have gotten pretty creative in my Google Sheets, Forms, etc.

I have a Sheet which has links to uploaded files that came through the forms. I like to make the sheet look good so I use this formula to make a pretty DOT for the link indicator.
...where T2 has a long-hairy google URL, and which the column is hidden to keep it out of the way.

This DOT, created with Char(10687) works well. But recently I ended up with multiple uploads during a form submission. In the end I have an entry that looks like this:...
... in one cell.

I am wanting to create DOTS for each of them, and caution! I am running this in an ArrayFormula so that I don't have to worry about pulling it down across all the cells....

... Where T holds the URL(s).

Right now if there is a multiURL entry, the ISURL doesn't recognize it as a URL and the massive, multi-hyperlink is used.

Can someone help me update so that if there are multiple URL's I can paint several DOTS?


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QR or Scanable codes
Hi all!
I have a Google Sheet full of rows of records where each have an HTML link to a Google Drive folder or document. Soon this list will be printed-out into a hard-copy, as a book for field workers.

When they see the simple entry on each line, I would like them to have the option to scan a code with their cell phone, and have it take them to the same URL that they get when clicking on the link in the Google Sheet.

Is there already a simple way to do this or am I starting from scratch?



Hoping someone can help me get QGIS exported to KMZ

There is a plugin but it is not working for me.

I am trying hard to switch from ArcMap but my end product is a weekly KMZ where parcels (polygons) are exported with colored borders to depict their status.

This is done each week from a JOIN of a CSV or Excel file.

When I save the layer as KML I only get a one-colored border outline. I think I can get EVERYTHING else to work, but I need to either FILL the polygons a certain color based on a categorized field, or I need to OUTLINE the polygons with a colored border.

Can someone help me?

I have tried the plugin, but it fails 50% through. I have tried to export/save into different types, but I am not getting anywhere. Right now I can only import the layer into Arcmap and continue to export innto KMZ as I have been doing in the past.

Please help me move over!


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Tried them... couldn't load on Tab S2 and many others.
No multi-platform support
No ease of use for conversions.
Totally wacky decision to stop Hangouts...

Google! Re-Evaluate, Leave Hangouts alone.
DO THE RIGHT THING instead of just saying you will.

Here is the POLL:

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Are the Hangout changes welcome in any way?
votes visible to Public
Allo Duo will suffice
This is a complete mistake, but final.
The change will not be sufficient
Non-Google options cover the need
Google should quickly re-evaluate

How to continue using Hangouts...

Folks, I love Google. I really love some of their products, including Hangouts.

I know Google has made announcements about what is happening, but they really have announced what is NOT happening.

I have friends and family on Windows, Apple, Android ChromeOS, etc.... They fluidly use Hangouts to connect to one another...

No matter where I start, desktop, phone, etc, I can send a textual message that goes via SMS or through HO message to the person I sent it to.

If we decide to take it to a video or voice call it is one button away.

There are many other scenarios that happen, at least for me, everyday.

Google announces Allo, Duo, Messages, blah blah blah... I say blah because they announce that Hangouts is changing, but they do not even give reasonable suggestions for continuing the scenarios as listed above. They act like they are offering a replacement, but I do not see it.

Frankly, I am under some pressure as those who have come to use it, ask me what to do!

I have tried the others, and actually I have started looking at other non-google options.

Please, PLEASE! I would love someone to tell me a way forward, or that this is a grand plan to make things better, but posts all over suggest it is just a huge mistake by Google with no reasoning behind it.

Can someone REALLY offer some solace? Some info that is beyond the broad strokes of positive Google PR?

Please help.


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Please help me present a way to EDIT data from Google Forms input

Some of you have seen and helped me through some scripting problems through this community.
Some day I will be able to more easily helps others, so thank you.

I have used GAS and Sheets and Forms and formMule to create a way for field workers to enter info by picking dropdown keyfield for each entry.

I then grab the RESPONSES into another sheet by ARRAYFORMULA and SORT in order to make sure that the latest entries, (which all have a KEY FIELD,) will be shown on a Report page.

Of course, this Report page cannot be edited since it comes in through a QUERY.

My manager is not very comfortable on this type of system, instead he is used to smaller data that he solely manages through Excel.

Well, today he asked me how he can go through and EDIT what the field workers have put in.

How are others doing this?
Is there a simple way to put a button or link beside the Report Row to let him edit the original Form Entry?

I am stressed as he just wants to scrap everything and go back to a single spreadsheet. I am not sure that would even work now that there are many folks putting data in, but even if it could be, I believe this system in Google is better and more reliable, and I suppose I really want to show him this is something that can happen without too much fuss.

Thank you all.

Here is a stripped public version of what I am doing:

form e.value for UPLOADED FILE URLs seems blank

I have been augmenting my script to allow for the new upload option in google forms.

Script is bound to sheet where responses go.

In the Sheet, I can clearly see the URL of the uploaded file, but while trying to grab the value from the array passed on form submit, it is blank.

How can I get this value of the url's being entered please? I have looked for references but don't find any updates refs that show how to handle.

Also, I have tried 1 file limit, in case I am not dealing with an array of more than one level.

Thanx in advance for help.
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