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I can’t express how much I appreciate everyone’s help in getting the word out about #MrUniverse You guys are the best Marketing Department. Thanks, really.
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I can't wait to watch it man, if only Paypal would hurry up and put funds into my account!
You're the best 5-minutes-on-bacon department...Really.
Great concept! One for me and one for a gift. You're gonna save me a lot on Christmas gifts this year.
And your tech support was pretty good about fixing things when I mucked up my download. Sent Email after midnight on a Saturday, had my reply when I woke up the next day.
just downloaded the special! I've got a 16 hour flight to India this week ---- it'll be great to watch in route!!......those lazy whales......
Saw your Mr. Universe show and enjoyed it so much we went to your site and bought it. Yes I know that's backwards but take it as a compliment =)
Watched Mr. Universe a few hours ago! I must say it was an amazing show. I did not see you among all the body builders... still hilarious!
Just watched the special, it was awesome! Hope you sell a ton of copies on the net!
This is awesome. I love Google+. I love sex more, but for when I'm not having sex, I love Google+
Bought it just now, and waiting for it to download!! Curse you dial up internet!
My wife and I laughed until we cried. Anyone who's reading this and hasn't gotten Mr. Universe... Get it!!!!
You look like you got out of prison in the picture above o'yeah Hot Pocket
Just bought it and three copies for friends - maybe someday you could stop by the Google NYC office? Cheers!
I made a friend buy it for me! Since paypal is skeery. shifty eyes
Awesome show!  So much new and really funny material.  Much appreciated sir!
My husband and I tried to watch it on Netflix and it crapped out about 10 minutes in (thanks, Playstation Network!). I went straight to the site and bought it (way to streamline the process, by the way, it was really easy). I'm pretty sure we got our $5 worth already, so the rest just feels like stealing. 
I remember pretty much every joke from it still makes me laugh every time
I ran across Mr. Universe on iTunes, then somehow (I don't remember how now) discovered that it was purchasable from for less money AND a donation to military charity.

I bought it sight unseen, and sent one to my friend as a gift. I had a problem with the download (my own fault, really, but hopefully support can straighten it out; worst case is another $5 spent) but I streamed it last night and I swear that I did not stop laughing for the entire 77 minutes of the show.

This is a great thing, Jim. I anticipate more gifts to more friends in the near future. 
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