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Jim Froling
Head Honcho of (949) Local - Internet Marketing Services for south Orange County Businesses
Head Honcho of (949) Local - Internet Marketing Services for south Orange County Businesses
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Google's Home Service Ads Coming to LA!
As reported recently by +Joy Hawkins on Search Engine Land, Google is expanding it’s Home Services Ads (HSA) program. This “incubation” program was test launched in the San Francisco Bay Area earlier this year. In October it was expanded into the Sacramento and San Diego markets where it went live on November 10th. 

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Great lessons here along with priorities for implementing a #LocalSEO strategy.

How precious are hyper-local links and citations!  And yet it blows me away when clients drop $$ to support their local Little League team, women's shelter, etc. etc. and never ask (demand) a link from the website (you know they have one) to theirs.

These links add so much velocity to the supporting business'  local search rankings.  Yet more times than not, they go to vapor.

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Google's "immersive search" explained.  Yelp and TripAdvisor watch out.  You're "on the clock".

Does a URL with a .info or other alternate extension hurt rankings?

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At the Welcome Reception at Constant Contact's OneCon conference in Las Vegas. Obviously someone got the email. Glad I did!

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Great advice here from +Phil Rozek.  

Learn from the dinosaurs folks.  Adapt or die.

Due to Google's recent changes to local search results, I went to the GMB forum seeking clarification on WTF is going on.  If others here (and our clients) do the same, will G notice the backlash on their own support forums?  It's worth a shot.  

Here's what I asked in a support post entitled "Where's my phone#? Street Address? Google+ Page? User Experience?"

Checking my business' ranking in local pack results.  I don't like what I see!

The local "7 Pack" is now three.  Thank God I made the new "cut line" for most keywords, but not all :(  That is going to cost me business so thanks a lot!  Will I now use AdWords to reach those looking for those services?  Don't bet on it, though I think you already have.

My business listing does NOT display my telephone number any longer!  FYI, the phone is how most locals contact other local merchants and service providers, like me.  Now I can only hope that prospective clients may click through to my website to find my phone number.  Or, they could just hop in their car and come over to my office except...

My listing only shows what street I'm on, but no address!  Are your users (and my prospective clients) supposed to go door to door, up and down the block looking for me?  

And what about my Google+ (Google My Business) Page?  Now, you can't get there from here!  What is up with that??  Is Google kicking my Google+ Page to the curb?  The page that Google not so long ago urged me to create (or created for me), post upon, encourage others to visit and add us to "Circles"...this has taken a lot of time over the past couple years.  Was it all for nothing?

As a user as well, this experience sucks!  This new look has caused a big pain in my neck and a great massage sounds wonderful.  So I Google "massage near me" and I have to scan the ads (many of which are located far away), a couple of organic listings, mostly from Yelp, (whom I am not a fan of), then finally arrive to the local pack only to be provided three alternatives.  No street address is given so I don't know if they are on the other side of town which would take too long to get to.  I could call for the closest cross street or their actual address, but there's no phone number.  I could go to their website and view page after page just trying to find out where they are.  With all the time this has taken, I don't have time for a massage anymore.  Fabulous! (I'm being sarcastic).

Google, is this is just a test of a really bad idea?  Are you saying that if I want relevant local search results I should resort to Bing?  Really?
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