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Jim Files
Software developer, husband, father, runner, cyclist, sci-fi geek
Software developer, husband, father, runner, cyclist, sci-fi geek

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Swipe away 👻👻👻 in this #Halloween #GoogleDoodle Score: 28740

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Morning loop around Lake Hodges. Google knows I prefer group rides, so this was assembled from a few stills.

Ride track -

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WHICH Hat can I pull off?

Sorting hat?
Indiana Jones hat?

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Star Trek has always given us a version of the future believe I want to see.

Will +Skydance show us the future?

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Oh, snap!

Darn kids, get off my lawn!

Out There : We're Not Young Anymore

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Offers some good ideas for evolution of the general tech guy.  Don't learn it all.  Gloss over a lot, go deep on what interests you or what you need for a current job.  

Good to be reminded of such a plan from time to time...

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So many color choices today...  It was simpler when I was a kid and did not have to worry about "Is this the shade of blue I want here?"

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Balancing the pain -- PF Update
I have had the walking cast off for about a month. I have been going to physical therapy weekly, and doing the at-home exercises 5 days per week. I went to Comic-Con and walked a LOT. I have been riding again; just not yet as consistently as pre-walking-cas...

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I wonder if the communicator works with the command chair shown in the image...


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