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simple solution; flash your windows device to android.
Raising the specter of last-generation browser battles, Mozilla launches a publicity campaign

Yeah... How'd that strategy work for Mozilla last time they tried it instead of competing by releasing a quality product?
Greg S
What difference does the "quality product" angle make, if the product can't be installed to demonstrate its quality?
Greg S
As a tangent: download free operating systems, sure, but I'd like to see some numbers on how many of them continue to use them. Linuxes are (in)famous for their fragmented, un-designed, poorly supported user interfaces...
Linux distros are famous for a plethora of free and open choices of desktops and interfaces: Gnome, Xfce, KDE, Unity, etc. And linux runs on heterogenous hardware devices.
Windows FUD will never die out.
You usually have to 'get drivers' or 'write your own, when the hardware is built for a closed OS like Windows or OSX. Speaking of the latter, I have a Macbook, and I know that I can install Ubuntu on it and I _don't need no steenkin' drivers, señor! {-))...
Of course the Apple licence says that you (owner of the machine) are NOT allowed to run any other OS on it.
I like using Firefox on my Linux computer.
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