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Jim Feig
Works at JSComputerTech
Attended Burlington County College
Lives in Delran, NJ
21,861 followers|34,269,309 views

I'm LGBT progressive, and human rights supporter. 

I'm passionate about my views, yet always open to other peoples views.

I'm a self taught computer tech, I have been fixing them since 6th grade. 

I love my cats, one of them I had to bottle feed since something happened to the mother. Another is partly blind. 

I was a varsity wrestler in high school.

I love fast cars and 4x4s, used to race motocross. I'm also very good at fixing cars and dirtbikes. 

I support WikiLeaks and Bradley Manning
If you do not know much about WikiLeaks or Manning please ask.

I'm also an Opera Browser fan boy, if you decide to try them out and need help just ask. They keep the beta versions here.
Bragging rights
Varsity Wrestler In High School, Raced Motocross, Self Taught Computer Nerd Since 6th Grade, I Can Fix Anything From Cars To Computers
  • Burlington County College
    Computer Science, 2001 - 2003
  • Northern Burlington County Regional High School
    High School, 1996 - 2000
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Jim Feig

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Someday soon, when you least expect it, a police officer may receive mistaken information from a confused eyewitness or a liar, or circum­stantial evidence that helps persuade him that you might be guilty of a very serious crime. When confronted with police officers and other government agents who suddenly arrive with a bunch of questions, most innocent people mistakenly think to themselves, “Why not talk? I haven’t done anything. I have nothing ...
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Jim Feig

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Clinton Campaign Embraces Strong Encryption, But Not For Us

Hillary Clinton has yet to offer a definitive policy stance on strong end-to-end encryption, the mathematical algorithms that protect our data, instant messages, and web browsing. Instead of calling for a ban on government mandated encryption backdoors, something computer security experts have universally urged, she’s taken a backseat, supporting a hand waving “encryption commission.”
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Jim Feig

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Here's What Parents Of Kids With Life-Threatening Allergies Think Of The EpiPen Price Increases -via Flynx
“This isn’t just an over-the-counter product. You can’t put a price tag on life.”
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Jim Feig

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Judge Sends Cancer Patient to Jail For 90 Days When He Can't Pay His Bill -via Flynx
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Jim Feig

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Anonymous Hacks Deutsche Bank Group' Subsidiary Against Aachen Repression -via Flynx
Anonymous vows to carry on cyber attacks on Deutsche Bank against the arrest of one of its supporters. The online hacktivist Anonymous alongside with an An
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Have him in circles
21,861 people
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Jim Feig

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I wonder how many Congress members get the same requests; how many federal agency head administrators?
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Jim Feig

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2015: Even if he revealed unlawful government surveillance, put him in jail!
2016: wait what apps does he use
Check out @Snowden's Tweet:
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Jim Feig

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EpiPen maker defends price hike: ‘I’m running a business’ -via Flynx
CEO Heather Bresch also blamed insurance companies for increased consumer costs.
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So what kind of profit sharing are we talking about here? We did fund the research.
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Jim Feig

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Meet India’s only openly gay prince - HISKIND -via Flynx
India’s track record of guaranteeing LGBT+ rights isn’t the best, given that same-gender sexual activity was recriminalized in 2013 and same-gender couples still cannot legally marry or obtain a civil partnership. While Indian law recognises …
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Jim Feig

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I expect Monsanto ignored this and moved on rapidly. 
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Jim Feig

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Unacceptable Behavior By Girlfriend
Help! My Girlfriend Is Convinced I’m Gay After I Made This Request In Bed -via Flynx
A young man on Reddit claims that what was supposed to be an innocent discussion with his girlfriend about their sexual fantasies went unexpectedly awry. "The other morning, me and my apparently sane, rational girlfriend were fooling about...
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Tell her, "Me fucking you in the ass didn't make you queer. Won't me either."
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