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Jim Fawcette
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Jim Fawcette

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Trump’s Fact-Light Trade War

If we want a trade surplus, all we have to do is stop importing oil. Are we going to penalize countries for allowing us to buy oil?

"{Trump's} charges don’t stand up to scrutiny. For example, much of the United States’ trade deficit with Canada and Mexico is a result of imports of oil and gas. When those basic raw materials are excluded, American trade with those countries has been pretty balanced in recent years, according to a 2015 Congressional Research Service report. The United States also had trade surpluses with both countries in services, which include things like insurance and Hollywood movies. If Mr. Trump seeks to renegotiate Nafta and place tougher conditions on factories in Canada and Mexico, those countries might try to put restrictions on American service exports, which amounted to $56.4 billion for Canada and $31.5 billion for Mexico in 2015."
A border tax would probably be illegal under American law and would definitely violate treaties with other countries.
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Jim Fawcette

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Trump Lies About Vote Again

In other news, the sun came up.

"WASHINGTON — President Trump used his first official meeting with congressional leaders on Monday to gripe about his loss of the popular vote, falsely telling the lawmakers that he would have won a majority if millions of illegal immigrants had not voted against him."
President Trump used his first official meeting with congressional leaders on Monday to gripe about his loss of the popular vote.
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Jim Fawcette

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Oversight Mandated for Utility Whose Negligence Killed People

SFChron: "While PG&E contended the explosion was unforeseeable, current and former employees testified at the trial that the company had deliberately chosen the least-expensive inspection method for its lines, knowing it could not detect internal flaws.

"Jurors also found that PG&E had tried to interfere with the federal investigation by covering up its practice of pumping natural gas through the lines at pressures up to 10 percent higher than those allowed by federal law.

... Prosecutors had initially sought a fine of up to $562 million, which they said was twice the amount PG&E had saved by cutting safety programs. But they lowered their request to $3 million, the maximum criminal penalty provided by law, after Henderson barred much of the evidence they had planned to use to prove illegal cost-cutting."
A federal judge said Monday he would fine Pacific Gas and Electric Co. $3 million, the maximum allowed by law, and place the company under a court-appointed monitor for criminal violations of pipeline-safety laws uncovered by an investigation of the lethal San Bruno pipeline explosion. A jury in San Francisco convicted California’s largest public utility in August, following a six-week trial, of five felony charges of failing to adequately inspe...
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Jim Fawcette

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Is Fed's Backhand Better Than Ever?

Roger Federer may not be quite as quick as he was at his peak, but I think he's come back from his injury layoff hitting his backhand better than ever.

In this screencap from Tennis Channel, Hawkeye has this pass against Kei Nishikori at 3,525 RPMs. For perspective, Nadal's forehand is said to leap off the court because of its average spin of 3,300-3,400 RPMs.

A few shots later, Fed took a ball in midst no-man's land and hit it down the line at 86+ MPH. That's double impressive because you've got less court to work with, to get the ball up and down, when you take a short ball down the line.

#tennis #ATP #RogerFederer #AustralianOpen2017

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Jim Fawcette

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President Trump's Campaign Promise Tracker

This should be interesting to follow. For example, "Make sure the $1 trillion infrastructure plan will be revenue neutral." And I have no idea what this promises: "Pass a law to protect our vital infrastructure from cyberattack." 
We’re tracking the progress of 60 pledges Trump made in his “Contract with the American Voter” – and whether he achieved his goals.
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Jim Fawcette

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President Trump Still Running his Businesses?

There are no signs that Trump has severed his business ties, even under the questionable terms he claims are adequate. At a January 11th press conference, Trump pointed to stacks of documents he claimed he signed to end his involvement with his businesses. In fact, press reported the stacks were blank. Now, we learn that no documents have been filed in New York, Delaware, and Florida. Meanwhile, Trump is signing executive orders, some of which have impacts on his business ventures. "... the New York Secretary of State's Office as saying no changes have been made to business filings for his primary holding company, the Trump Organization. The Florida Department of Corporations said no changes have been made to three Trump businesses located there....Ivanka Trump is still listed as the authorized officer on records for two entities related to the Old Post Office in Washington, D.C.," which the Trump family leases. It adds that "no changes have been filed for either of the companies, which are registered in Delaware."

ht +Craig Froehle
Trump said he would surrender control to two of his sons by Friday, but ProPublica says there's no sign he has done so.
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Jim Fawcette

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Trump's Cabinet Could be Most White Male in Recent History

Home stretch. Can he get there? No Hispanics for first time in decades. Is it two women? But loads of "friends of Russian communism". That's purely coincidental. Honest.

Trump’s Cabinet So Far Is More White and Male Than Any First Cabinet Since Reagan’s
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Jim Fawcette

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This Australian Open is Delightfully Retro

Fed and Rafa are on a possible collision course. A pure serve-and-volley player eliminated the world number one Andy Murray, while he barked as in days of old at his box, despite Ivan Lendl's presence. Serena seems about to resume her throne as world number one, and a one-time WTA phenom that perhaps had not won a match at the AO in a decade (no I didn't fact check that) is into the quarterfinals. Rafa has rediscovered his down the line forehand {oh, that's where I left it!}. And both Rafa and Fed beat younger opponents in large part through better endurance. Take that, Young Guns!

AO17 Quarterfinalists Include

Venus Williams - age 36

Serena Williams -age 35

Roger Federer -age 35

Mirjana Lucic-Baroni - age 35 in March

Here's a great quote from Jim Courier, a former number one himself after Fed's display vs. Tomas Berdych: "The tennis ball doesn't know how old you are, and it certainly didn't recognize that he was 35 years old out there at all," Jim Courier, the former Australian Open champion, said as he headed back to his Melbourne hotel. "That was pretty sweet. Magical actually."

#tennis #ATP #RogerFederer #AustralianOpen2017 
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Jim Fawcette

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Trump Ideas Highlight Blue-Red Financial Split

One curious aspect of the Trump ascendency is that a majority of the principal beneficiaries of his policies live in states that are opposed to those policies. Most tax cuts will go to the affluent in Blue States, while those hurt by gutting America's already-flimsy social safety net live primarily (not solely) in Red States.

TheUpshot: "Consider that blue states send much more money to Washington than they receive, while the reverse is true for red states, which tend to favor Republicans. Blue states also enjoy significantly higher per capita income than red states and are home to a disproportionate share of the nation’s highest earners. The upshot is that if the Trump administration cuts taxes on top earners as expected, the federal tax burden on blue states will fall especially sharply. Those states will thus have new fiscal flexibility, should they choose to offset other aspects of the Trump agenda."

The net effect could be to increase inequality, but to the advantage of those that live in Blue States. Will California, New York et al spend more of their state taxes on social services to compensate?

The problem is, some problems can't be dealt with locally. We can't solve pollution and climate change and by clamping down in California, while ramping up in Virginia. We all share the same air and rivers. 
States don’t always follow the lead of the federal government, and that is likely to be true regarding issues like climate change and health care.
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+Douglas Waterman there's nothing wrong with Muslims, and real leaders build bridges, not walls.
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Jim Fawcette

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President Obama's Promises Kept and Broken
See how Obama performed on 40 of the promises he made during his two presidential campaigns.
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At first it looked a little shocking and bummed me out, but after reading most make sense except Guantanamo and general war in the mid east, but... that "can of worms" will never be sealed again.. and was busted open long before he got there
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Jim Fawcette

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Women's Marches Largest Demonstrations in U.S. History

And that doesn't count global marches. Vox: "According to data collected by Erica Chenoweth at the University of Denver and Jeremy Pressman at the University of Connecticut, marches held in more than 500 US cities were attended by at least 3.7 million people."
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+Petare Caracas​ that's right, retreat into your cave. You ran away before we could even start having a discussion. It's a touchy topic to discuss, I fully admit that, but clearly you're not capable of such an adult discussion when a choice isn't so clear and easy and not everyone will be pleased in the end. Had they left out that one section, this march would have gained my full support, but with it and this march being a march of unity, they didn't want that support unless you backed the entire message so there is where it lost that support. 
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Like tennis, wine, and bad sci-fi.
Testing Google+, their third try at competing with Facebook. Looks like video chat and privacy are much better. Oh, yeah, this is the Jim Fawcette that founded FTP, VSLive, Now, I mainly blog about tennis and politics. 

 Favorite book: Gravity's Rainbow. Favorite movie: Chinatown. Favorite myth: Obama is a liberal.
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Great coffee and great team at Peet's Los Altos. Espresso is excellent, but strong so not for everyone. While the shop is often too busy for this, on occasion baristas like Annabelle and Laticia give us some "Foam Art" as well.
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Is Lily Robotics still in operation? Missed deliveries. Does not respond to emails, posts, phone calls, or tweets and has not communicated in any way I can find about deliveries in over a month. Has it gone out of business, or is it a fraud?
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Generally does a thorough and reasonably quick job of washing the car. However, they have done minor damage to the car on several occasions, such as breaking ventilation blinds, pulling rugs out of floor connections and tearing them, and bending a logo/ metalwork. Review is for Palo Alto facility.
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