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Jim Fawcette
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Jim Fawcette

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Roger Federer Explains His Knee Surgery

Making light of #kneegate yet telling the story ...

#RogerFederer #tennis #kneegate #ATP

+boo Jay +irish d +Chris Veerabadran +Martyn Collins
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Funny :-)
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Jim Fawcette

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Those with quills must stick together ...
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Jim Fawcette

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As Republicans ganged up on Trump and Rubio, did they let the senator from Texas slither by?

Curious that media (this piece excepted) focus on Ted Cruz spreading false news about Carson but largely ignore Cruz sending out a fake-government "voter violation notice", which Rubio also did in subtler fashion. Surely this has to be a crime. What Cruz did is like those robocalls claiming to be from the IRS, warning you that you are delinquent, except instead of trying to steal your money Ted Cruz stole votes from Carson and from the voters themselves.

I have no idea what the legal process is here. In the general election, Federal officials would look at election fraud. But in a primary/caucus is it left up to the Republican Party, which won't want a legal challenge hanging over it's nomination?

*{Ted Cruz's} team not only spread the false news about Carson but also mailed out “voting violation” notices that attempted to shame Iowans into heading to the caucuses (and voting for Cruz). This was hardly an unprecedented tactic — Rubio did something similar — but Cruz was especially slippery about it.

Read More:
As Republicans ganged up on Trump and Rubio, did they let the senator from Texas slither by?
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Jim Fawcette

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Muddy Waters, Johnny Winter, James Cotton .... can you name the rest?
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Your welcome. 
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Jim Fawcette

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Meet Marco Rubio's Sugar Daddy

Can't pay your mortgage? Need money but can't be bothered to show up for job? Want a cushy job for your wife that pays for her to fly around the world with you? Do what everyone else would do, turn to your benefactor billionaire. 

The latest in my series about the billionaires behind the candidate$

Politico: "Braman, a former owner of the Philadelphia Eagles football franchise, is poised to occupy the sugar-daddy role for Rubio that, in 2012, Sheldon Adelson played for Newt Gingrich, and Foster Friess played for Rick Santorum: the megacontributor who kept their candidacies afloat even after other donors had written them off"

Braman backs an anti-tax small-government agenda, yet harbors a grudge because Jeb Bush vetoed investment in a cancer institute Braman wanted to create as part of shrinking the Florida budget. Apparently, that means he'll do anything to stop Jeb!

As for Braman's "charity" that employs Marco Rubio's wife -- it paid Jeanette Rubio more money than it gave out. She was paid $54,000, the charity also reported $149,237 in “misc airplane trips for charitable purposes.”, which the Tampa Bay Times implies is to have Jeanette fly with her husband on political trips. Yet the charity only gave out $250

No, that's not one of my typos. There are no  missing zeros. That's 2, lowly Benjamins and a solitary Ulysses S. Grant.

Finally, remember how worked up Republicans were about candidate Obama's ties through a mortgage to a political manipulator named Rezko, who later went to jail for political finance improprieties? Well, they're just fine with Rubio sharing a mortgage with David Rivera, who was named "a co-conspirator" in campaign finance violations. Maybe Rubio does share some things in common for Obama after all! 

Miami Herald: "They have until 2017 to file charges, under the federal statute of limitations. And if Rivera’s friend and former housemate Marco Rubio continues to rise in the 2016 Republican presidential race, prosecutors might want to steer clear of the politically charged case, to avoid the appearance of meddling with an election.

"... They got the ringer, Justin Lamar Sternad, to confess, and sent him to prison. They chased the woman who secretly funneled more than $81,000 to Sternad — Ana Alliegro, Rivera’s ex-girlfriend — to her Nicaragua hideout, and sent her to prison, too. They even got Alliegro, once out of prison, to testify to a grand jury that it was Rivera who had plotted the illegal campaign-finance scheme."

Read more here:
Billionaire Norman Braman has a fondness for the Florida senator — and an intense distaste for Jeb Bush.
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Jim Fawcette

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Shkreli's Not the Only Big Pharma or Hedge Fund Manager Smirking at Us

Thanks, Martin. Seriously.

Poor Martin has become the poster boy for what ails our healthcare system. But his unique inability to mask his attitude, his lack of simple social skills, is what distinguishes him -- not his ideas nor his business behavior. They're standard practice in his two careers, as a hedge fund manager and later as a prescription drug manufacturer.

While the article at the embed discusses Big Pharma rip offs, the same applies to hedge funds, which is where Shkreli made his money.

We see that attitude and behavior in the money behind Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. We see that in Venture Capitalists' smug dismissal of concerns about growing inequality, we see that in VCs' and Wall Street's complete indifference to diversity. They're all smirking at us, just not under oath on TV.

So, thanks Martin, for helping us focus on the condescension of Too Big Money. Way to take one for the team.

Article: Martin Shkreli isn't alone in ripping off patients with crazy drug prices
Congress tried to show it feels America’s pain over high prescription-drug costs by calling Martin Shkreli to account Thursday.
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It was about to go out of production.  He needs some communication coaching.
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Jim Fawcette

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"Bernie Bros" Sexist Slurs Against Clinton Hardly New

This is a photo of an Obama speechwriter and other Obama staff partying during their nomination campaign. Same old, same old ...

picture from:
Morio Murase's profile photoNick Stanbery's profile photoJim Fawcette's profile photo
It's not a contest. And it does not reflect badly on Sanders. It happens in every election where there is a woman candidate. It's a sad byproduct of the "other side is evil" mentality crossed with sexism. 

Jim Fawcette

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So You Thought Marco Rubio Got Crushed in NH Debate?

So did I, but I don't vote in New Hampshire.

538 on the discrepancy.
We Thought Marco Rubio Lost The Debate, But New Hampshire Might Think Differently 
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Jim Fawcette

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Ted Cruz Won’t Be Denied
As Republicans ganged up on Trump and Rubio, did they let the senator from Texas slither by?
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Jim Fawcette

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Excerpts: "Earlier Saturday, during a Clinton rally in Concord, New Hampshire, Albright defended Clinton's progressive and foreign policy credentials, and also made a plea to young women in the audience to vote for Clinton, arguing she is the best candidate to defend women's rights.

"Just remember, there's a special place in hell for women who don't help each other," Albright — who was the first-ever female secretary of state — told the audience, repeating a catchphrase she has become known for.
"We have to have a president that is ready on Day 1 to deal with problems," Albright told NBC News in an exclusive interview.
7 comments on original post
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Here is the Mrs. Albright with the best of all possibly imaginable foreign policy credentials, and a heart of gold, talking of it.

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Jim Fawcette

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Think Flint is the Only City Dealing with Lead Poisoning?
While Gov. Brown flies to Paris to talk environment, largely-Hispanic communities in East LA are drenched in poisonous lead

LAT: "My parents are both gone and both were on oxygen tanks. My brother was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I'm 43 and I've had a stroke and mini-strokes after that," said Cano, who has lived in the area her entire life."

What's happening in Flint is terrible. I in no way want to dismiss that. But while the media focuses on Flint because it is "trending" similar tragedies have been unfolding across America for decades in communities that are black, white, brown and yellow with negligible attention. I recently posted a list from of 18 cities that have more lead in their water than Flint.

But drinking water is not the only way kids can be poisoned by lead.

The LA Times has the story of how, "In one of the most shocking cases of corporate irresponsibility and government regulatory failure in California history, the Exide battery plant in Vernon sent clouds of toxic substances flying over Commerce, Bell, Huntington Park, East Los Angeles and Boyle Heights for decades. The number of contaminated homes in the impacted 1.7 mile radius is estimated at 10,000."

The result is a slap on the hand a lot of foot dragging. "Finally, under state pressure and threat of federal criminal charges, Exide officials slithered out from under prosecution in March last year by agreeing to shut the plant and pay $50 million to clean up the site and surrounding communities.

"But almost a year later, fewer than 200 properties have been cleaned, and the Brown administration has so far budgeted just $8.5 million for the Exide cleanup."

Maybe Gov. Brown can use some of his frequent flyer miles from Paris to make it all the way from Sacramento to East LA. Maybe Brown's waiting for high speed rail to be finished.

Almost a year after Exide shut down its toxic plant, neighbors are trapped in an environmental nightmare
Warmer days are coming soon to the working-class communities east and southeast of downtown Los Angeles, but at many homes, parents won't let their children play in their yards this spring and possibly into summer.
Alain Vogel's profile photoMichael Russo's profile photo
Guess unfortunately there are a lot of cities dealing with all kind of poisoning 😯
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Jim Fawcette

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Marco Rubio's Shaky Attendance Recored Predates the Senate
Worked only 10 hrs a week and still missed missed 3/10 classes as "professor" funded by a billionaire

Apparently, Marco Rubio's truency in the Senate, where he is among the worst in recent history at actually showing up to vote, is a habit. NBC describes the ah, unusual job Rubio did at Florida International University. 

Gail Collins: "Marco Rubio gets really good jobs. We have heard a lot already about Rubio’s $800,000 advance for a very modest memoir about his formative years. And the billionaire auto dealer who donated $100,000 to Florida International University, where Rubio was hired as a visiting professor for $69,000. This week, NBC News reported that he worked less than 10 hours a week during his first semester at the teaching gig, missing three of his 10 classes." 

NBC News: "But this isn't the first job where Rubio has taken heat for failing to go all in. Documents and records obtained by NBC News suggest that as a visiting professor at Florida International University, he worked less than 10 hours a week and missed three-in-10 classes during his first semester of teaching - all while making more than most part-time visiting professors."

Ah, but Rubio sort-of paid his own way, getting funding for his teaching job that he barely did from a long time connection: "A sizeable chunk of that, $100,000, came from Norman Braman — the wealthy auto magnate who's been a longtime benefactor to Rubio, is helping to bankroll his campaign and whose charitable foundation employs Rubio's wife." 

Rubio's "work load" if you call it that, from NBC via a court deposition: "Then there was probably you know, teaching, it's 3 hours a week. And then he probably put in another 6 hours in preparation," Moreno added. In a later email to NBC News, Moreno said he meant six hours of preparation per week, as that's how long it takes him to prepare a new course, but "you need to ask the senator how long it took him to prepare."
As a visiting professor at Florida International University, Rubio worked less than 10 hours while making more than most part-time visiting professors.
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