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Jim Fawcette
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Jim Fawcette

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Math lies!

After all, algebra was an Arab invention! :)
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M Belle
McCutheon and the likes will throw money at it and it will all disappear.
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Jim Fawcette

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Why the Right Wing Must Argue that Healthcare Sign Ups Are Lies

Facts simply do not matter if they challenge a theocracy, and the right-wing has simply become a theocracy where beliefs and xenophobia trump all. Much as the right attacked analysts whose work showed Mitt Romney was losing the election -- right up to and even after the poll results started coming in -- the right must insist that the numbers for Obamacare/ACA are fraud, lies, outright lies! 

They could simply concede that millions of new insurees are being covered, but say the program is lousy for other reasons {which it is}. But that means renouncing beliefs. It also means admitting that one of their goals is the greedy, mean-spirited one of preventing those people from getting healthcare. 

Jay Chiat argues that while liberals want government to do good things, the right instead wants to damage government as an end in itself. Kurgman adds billonaires' funding of right-wing media and think tanks to brainwash followers. I suggest the issue is broader: The right is the cultural group that has opposed American government and American values since the very beginning -- from the Whiskey Rebellion, through the Confederacy to Reaganism's "Southern Strategy". 

Jonathan Chait of New Yorker at embed link, and Krugman's related blog post at: 
Data journalism, Obamacare, and the elusive quest for fairness.
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From your mouth to the great masses of undecided voters' collective ears <g>
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Jim Fawcette

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Sweden Slips Into Deflation

Self-inflicted wounds. Sweden was doing fine, but the banksters and their right-wing political apparatchiks yelled, "We must have tight money to avoid the evils of inflation {which devalues our assets) and punish those that owe us money!", and now Sweden has slipped into deflation. This is yet more evidence that right-wing economics preached endlessly by the likes of Rupert Murdoch's Wall Street Journal, Rupert Murdoch's Fox News, CNBC's talking heads, and the Republican Party is a hodge-podge of bankrupt (ing) ideas. But, hey, it's only actual real-world results. What's that count compared to an ideology? 

Kurgman: "The Riksbank says, in effect, that nobody could have predicted this development. But of course its own former deputy governor — and my former colleague — Lars Svensson, more or less frantically warned that the Riksbank was making a terrible mistake by tightening money despite low inflation and lots of economic slack. His reward was increasing isolation, and eventually departure. You see, all the VSSPs — very serious Swedish people — knew that it was important to raise interest rates because, well, because."

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Jim Fawcette

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Dali-esque, creates a sad mood
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Ukraine Rebels: Jews Must Register

DONETSK, Ukraine — Worshipers at the Bet Menakhem-Mendl synagogue in this eastern Ukrainian city confronted a horrifying scene as they left a Passover service this week: masked men on a sidewalk handing out leaflets demanding that Jews register and pay a fine or leave the area, witnesses said.
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Jim Fawcette

Shared publicly  - {Christian extremists believe the} right to exempt yourself from federal regulations should be exclusive to Christian conservatives

Don't like civil rights laws that require your business to serve people of other races? Opt out. Don't like healthcare laws on "religious" grounds? Then disobey. Why not. You're so special. 

via +Morio Murase 
"The past couple of years have seen a surge in conservatives demanding special rights to disobey universally applicable federal laws on the grounds that they simply don't believe in them…"
From Hobby Lobby to the Nevada rancher, members of the far right share a dangerous, anarchic pathology
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That's why they're called Laws instead of Suggestions.
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Jim Fawcette

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Ohhhhhhhh, didn't see that coming. 

I'd panned the tones more slowly myself :( 

via +Gerben van Erkelens 
Hue Jackman. 
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Jim Fawcette

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I feel safer already. Bet this helps with recruitment. :)
Today in Geek History: Happy Velociraptor Awareness Day! Make sure your workplace is aware of the dangers of Velociraptor attacks.
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Jim Fawcette

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Where is this? 
Going Home

This is by far one of my favorite photographs. Can anyone guess where it was taken? 

#earth   #travelphotography   #escalatorart   #cosmos   #stars   #planet   #MyBeautifulEarth
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London Natural History Museum
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Jim Fawcette

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Is it a national priority to provide Wal-Mart with subsidized workers?

So, why are we? Have the Wall billionaires pay their own way.
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Testing Google+, their third try at competing with Facebook. Looks like video chat and privacy are much better. Oh, yeah, this is the Jim Fawcette that founded FTP, VSLive, Now, I mainly blog about tennis and politics. 

 Favorite book: Gravity's Rainbow. Favorite movie: Chinatown. Favorite myth: Obama is a liberal.
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Generally does a thorough and reasonably quick job of washing the car. However, they have done minor damage to the car on several occasions, such as breaking ventilation blinds, pulling rugs out of floor connections and tearing them, and bending a logo/ metalwork. Review is for Palo Alto facility.
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