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Something about this doesn't seem right to me. Not sure, why, just doesn't feel right to use someone's "like" in an ad ... I'm sure the Terms of Service allow it, but ...

But ... I do like how I can redact information using Google's Doodle. :) 
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No need to redact. That was me! And, I have noticed how that post keeps showing up in my feed even though I keep hiding it. And it's always the same guy, too. 

The thing is, why is that sponsored? There's no product. It's a link to an Amazon page with funny reviews to a book. I laughed hysterically at it, but I'm not planning on buying anything from Amazon as a result. What's the ad campaign, exactly?

Maybe to boost time-on-site? The other one that keeps showing up is the banana slicer, which is beginning to really annoy me. 
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