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Jim Drake
Love Jesus, love my wife, love my kids, love my church!
Love Jesus, love my wife, love my kids, love my church!

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When we begin to understand that our unity comes from Christ who saved us and commissioned us, then we can start to embrace our differences and leverage them the way God intends for us to.

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2 Differences Leaders Build Together
If you’ve dealt with people at all, it’s not an
earth-shattering revelation to recognize that people are different. We all come
from different backgrounds, upbringings and value systems. And as your
relationships begin to expand beyond your own culture, tho...

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All the responsibility for effective communication doesn't fall on the sender. We have to be good receivers as well.

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Closing the Loop - 2 More Keys to Effective Communication
When thinking about clear communication, it’s tempting to
put all the emphasis on the sender. But in reality, the onus for
communication is on the receiver as much as the sender. It reminds me of
the old saying about leadership. If a leader thinks he’s lead...

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Check us out on the web! Daily devotions, audio sermons, connect page and much more!

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All of us can learn to become better communicators. Here's a start:

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2 Keys to Being an Effective Communicator
Sometimes we can get so wrapped up in the concept of
leadership that we begin to mystify it. It’s very easy to think that developing
leadership skills is for somebody else. But in reality, each of us uses the tools
of leadership every day. The things that m...

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This week's sermon from Nehemiah 2:17-18.

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Before anything can happen, you have to plan for it to happen. But there are some things you need to do BEFORE you start planning.
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