Stone To Brick

When visiting a new place, look for the oddities. The unusual. The things that make the place different and unique, not just cool or interesting. There's no doubt that the decaying brick church in Mooresville, AL, was the most interesting part of this location, but these stones that lined the walkway in front were quite odd in my book. They look like mill stones, but with designs cut in them. And they were used merely as decorative planters in front of the church. Can't say that I've ever seen one used for that, but it did give the church its own little uniqueness outside of the obvious.

The distortion of the church entry way would bother some, but I've grown used to the wide angle bending and turning and I don't lose any sleep over it anymore. Embrace the distortion I say!

Canon 60D, EF-S 18-135mm, f16, ISO100, 18mm, HDR, 9 Exposures

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