So, +Jim Hanson tipped me to this upcoming book by Allison Griner... and it sounds kinda awesome. And it's doing really well in the +Geek & Sundry contest on Inkshares!

About Storm Song

Like any good story, it started with a bit too much to drink.

“It’s worth more than half a kingdom! And that’s not even touching the sort of power you can gain from it.” The old man was rambling, shouting over the noise of the tavern. Most ignored him as they went about their night, but one young man edged closer. He liked a good story, after all, and the man seemed very inclined to tell his.

“Go on, then.” The younger man urged as he took a seat at the small round table and set his cup down. “What’s this fantastic treasure called?”

“They called it the luck diamond.” The old man was eager to have an audience. “I only saw it once, but oh… That was enough to know I had to see it again. She’s a beautiful gem, enough to make a man rich for ten lifetimes.”

“And the stone’s power?”

“The magic of luck is fickle, but for the brave, you can choose to tap it and hope for the best. The stone will cast a spell for you, yes, but the wielder has no control over what happens. The magic is tuned to the luck of the user. Last man I saw with it had very bad luck, it seems.”

“What happened to him?”

The old man squinted, suddenly a bit suspicious. “You’ve got a lot of questions, boy. What’s your name?”


Storm Song tells the tale of Thoster Chatwyn, a man growing up in the town of Merrowport who assumed his lot in life was to tell fantastical stories rather than play a part in them. But after meeting the captain of a ship docked at the local harbor, all of that changed. Soon, he found himself falling into an adventure more dangerous and wondrous than any fairy tale that ever passed his lips. But playing the part of the hero isn’t always easy. Dark magic and secrets lurk at every turn, eager to rob Thoster of his true potential.
Storm Song
Storm Song
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