It's with a heavy heart that I say this... but I am pretty sure at this point I quit Google Plus.

This is not the "I'm taking my toys and going home" ranting of a entitled butthurt neckbeard. This is a serious thing, and I've been thinking about it for some time now.

I've been with G+ since the very very very beginning. Since it was "invite only" and you could sneak people in by tagging them in a post. I loved Google Plus. I ate and breathed G+. I didn't get my (at my peak) 25k followers by sitting idly by.

And I've stood with G+ through a lot of the changes. Through the poorly-designed android app, to the scrapping of the black bar across the top, to the "hey, let's make this shit look like Pinterest" two column thing, all the way to this.

I loved my Circles. I curated. I shared. I cross-posted, and looked at my Ripples. We were a better place than Facebook. Facebook was for people you already knew (but sometimes wished you didn't), Twitter was for people you met but didn't really know, and Google Plus was for people you didn't know yet... but really should.

The problem... I suspect... was that Google has never really seemed to care about the people they already had, they've always been more interested in the people that they didn't have yet but wanted to have. They hurt their hardcore userbase so much with the FORCED signup and integration, the hardline name policy, the FORCED YouTube inclusion - all in an attempt to get people who didn't want to use G+ to use it, and almost in defiance of the people who already did.

With this most recent change, they have essentially destroyed the concept of "The Circle", which was one of the core components of G+ and one of the big things that made it stand out from Facebook. Finding your Circles, viewing content by Circle, putting people in Circles - it's gone from the mobile app, and it's damn near hidden from this web interface.

There's a bunch of people on here who I'm going to miss, but anymore it's nearly impossible to find your posts through the flotsam and jetsam of their new design and despicable sorting algorithm. Since I can't use my circles anymore, I'm going to try and namecheck a few of you now:

+Bliss Morgan +Christopher Butler +Sarah Rios +Brittany Constable +Charles Moore +Harold Chester +Franck RABESON +Glenn Rogers +Lexi Gable +Isaac Winters +Jake Kern +Kai Saffron +Steve Kunzer

If any of you (not just those I could find to name) want to join me over on... ugh ... Facebook, you are more than welcome to hit me up here:

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