We haven't put out a new episode in a few months, so time for the random occasional shilling of our concept.  

If you are a fan of MST3K or Rifftrax, and also of do-it-yourselfer plucky underdogs, then may I heartily recommend +Cinematic For The People?  We are an out-of-our-own-pockets self-produced television show that we publish on the internet for free.  We've done two seasons of 13 episodes each so far, as well as various specials and shorts, all of which (as I said) is available for free on our channel.

We just started Series 3, which is looking to be our most ambitious yet.  We've folded the ideas from our short-lived "VS" project, which aimed to make a much more MST3K-live version of CFTP - into the regular production, leading to more scripting, higher quality host segments, and generally a better show all around.

So... if you've got some time, give us a try, won't you?

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