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Jim Daly
Still confused, but proud of it
Still confused, but proud of it

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Turn down the (damned distracting) sound when viewing this. Otherwise it's a quite interesting set of global internet penetration stats.

Haven't be here in ages. Jebus, but it's all changed totally.

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Victorian Star Trek

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Victorian Star Trek (6 photos)
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Daily Tip: Add a Unique Gallery to WordPress Posts

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TS2012: ICR from Newbridge to Kildare - YouTube

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I can't wait for the pop media to turn this into "shopping online is not safe" scares. The Joe Duffy Show will be hilarious.

I came across the following exchange on a WordPress theme vendor support forum. I can't link as a login is required.

Client: Hi, I am trying to get the background of this site to appear correctly on an iphone.
Vendor: Please let me screenshot from iPhone. I'll take a look.
Client: file:///Users/[username-redacted]/Downloads/photo.PNG Here you go.
Vendor: It's a local path to the file. Please upload that and let me an URL to your screenshot.
Client: If I put this in the http:// window the image appears. How else would you want it to arrive?

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