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Judge Lucy Koh of the United States District Court for the Northern District of California has just granted Apple a preliminary injunction against the Samsung...
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fuck apple ,Apple is a bitch
Or just copy everything Apple does and hope they don't notice.
Slide to unlock. Really!! Not a new concept and the patent should be thrown out. Damn near every lock works with a sliding action.
Funny how everything after 2007 looks and acts like an iPhone. Coincidence, I'm sure.
Not really that surprising. How much different can touchscreen devices act? There is a great deal of copying on both sides. I don't see any injunctions happening because of drop down notifications or the ability in IOS6 to send a message instead of answering the call. These are just a couple of examples of what Apple "borrowed" from Android.
But really redefined how they act. Everyone else followed. If it was so easy, why wasn't it done before 2007?
but this is more about a search patent than anything else. Specifically these two claims:

6. An apparatus for locating information in a network, comprising: an interface module configured to receive an inputted information descriptor from a user-input device; a plurality of heuristic modules configured to search for information that corresponds to the received information descriptor, wherein: each heuristic module corresponds to a respective area of search and employs a different, predetermined heuristic algorithm corresponding to said respective area, and the search areas include storage media accessible by the apparatus; and a display module configured to display one or more candidate items of information located by the plurality of heuristic modules on a display device.

19. The apparatus of claim 6, wherein the interface module is configured to receive portions of the information descriptor as the portions are being inputted, and wherein the heuristic modules are configured to search for information that corresponds to the portions of the information descriptor as the portions are being received.
I am not doubting or belittling Apple's contribution to the tech world, I just have a problem with Apple trying to ensure their dominance through the court system. Besides adding a pretty screen, a different shape and a novelty assistant application, what major innovation have they made in the Iphone since 2007? They are no longer on the cutting edge as far as specs.
I can appreciate the Iphone and gladly recommend it to people (even though I wouldn't buy one) but I don't want Android destroyed because of patents that never should be issued.
There is absolutely no doubt the patent system is broken. I wish they would figure out a way to fix it. 
+Jim Dalrymple Aside from one old windows laptop acting as a media server, all of the computers in my home right now are Macbooks. All of the portable media players are iPods. However, all of the cell phones are Androids because my wife, my kids and I all prefer way they work and don't appreciate the locked down nature of iOS. 

However, in light of Apple's continuing abuse of the clearly broken patent system (the whole premise of software patents if fundamentally wrong) I have committed not to spend another dime on any Apple product until the policy changes.

It's a shame because Apple makes some great products and their computers have generally been bettery built and more reliable (aside from the flawed magsafe design) than anything else I have used in more than 25 years of computing.
We have a very broken system and one of these days, they'll hopefully fix it. That said, I don't think Apple's abusing the system any more than any other company out there (Google and Motorola are trying to litigate with their FRAND patents for example); Apple just gets the press because they're Apple. But let's be honest, it's hard to ignore some of the examples of Samsung's alleged infringement...a common person would have trouble distinguishing the difference between packaging and products in some cases. 

There are probably thousands of similar cases working through the court system with other companies...we just don't hear about them because who in the general public cares if XYZ's bed spring design is being copied by by ZYX, for example? Big names battling each other is much more entertaining.

If anything, perhaps all of this attention Apple, Samsung, and Motorola are getting will get someone's ass in gear to make changes in the system.
+Scott Burns Google, Motorola and Samsung didn't start trying to use FRAND patents until they had to defend themselves from Apple's onslaught.

No doubt there are tens of thousands of other lawsuits in progress, most of which are from non-practising entities. Regardless of the value or validity of Apple's patents, at least they are actually making real products that utililize them. 

As for the design patents, I'm sorry, but anyone that can't actually read and distinguish the words Samsung and Apple on the box or on the device itself, has no one to blame but themselves for any confusion that resulted in buying the right product.

Judge Richard Posner put it best in his dismissal of the Apple-Motorola suit. Regardless of the validity or not of the patents, neither side could actually prove any actual damage and given Apple's capturing of 80% of the profit in the smartphone business, it doesn't appear they have actually suffered even if other companies have infringed.
+Sam Abuelsamid Sure, you and I can tell the difference between the two and easily draw a conclusion. I think the trade dress stuff in Judge Koh's court covers much more than just text on a box though. Anyway, any company that feels they have been unfairly copied, still has a right to make their case in court, right or wrong and no matter what you and I think about it.

Judge Posner certainly shut the door on that one particular his court at least. I'm sure it'll drag on elsewhere.

I'd be curious to see who really fired the first shot among the tech companies, it probably predates all this mobile stuff by a long shot. It's only seems more prevalent these days as things have distilled down to a few giants.

At least the X-Box isn't getting banned anytime soon. ;)
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