Backcountry Camping in a Yurt

We decided to spend one of the last days of the winter season in a Yurt at Kejimkujik National Park.

During last fall, a little promotion was done especially since they added a second yurt at a campsite near Pesowesk lake. As such, a they were in demand and were booked solid every weekend all winter.

We were lucky to get in on a friday, opted for the closes Yurt at Ell Weir.

As part of the winter activities, the southern portion of the park is open for cross country skiing, snowshoeing and winter camping. In total, you had three shelters available: The Yurt and Mason cabin deep into the backcountry.

The only downside is that the gate is closed at Grafton Woods, so you have to hike in 8, 14 or 18km. Luckily the past winter was very mild in Atlantic Canada, so at the end of march we had a heat wave, so there was no snow and the hiking was easy.

The other benefit is less clothing in your pack to haul.

The yurt itself is wonderfully constructed. It can easily fit 4 people with the two double bunk beds. The table & 4 chairs means that you can play cards & eat no problem. The wood stove and firewood sheds meant that you will never get cold.
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