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Author at: Let Me Show You How I Love You
Author at: Let Me Show You How I Love You


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This post says it all - I cannot find any words to add to it.

Do not judge me. I was born to be amazing, not perfect.

Being different is not a problem. The problem is to be treated differently.
Não me julgue. Eu nasci para ser incrível, não perfeito.

Ser diferente não é um problema. O problema é ser tratado diferente.
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I'd like to thank my friend "Elena" for giving me this idea today. It's a beautiful song from the 70's. It's a shame that life could not be this way but the idea is wonderful anyway. I wish you all Love, Light and Happiness.

As another friend "Jaxx" says.... L.I.T.A. - Love Is The Answer.

Wishing you all true love in your lives .... may you always receive lots of love and may you always give lots of love.
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When you are in "LOVE" with someone .... you begin to speak a new language .... and interestingly enough ... it's an unspoken language. It comes from your heart.

The people who know you ... family and friends ... will not hear anything ... but they will NOTICE the change in you. You begin to do things differently. You may be smiling more .... you have a glow about you .... your eyes are happy ...... there are many changes (and they are good changes) that are noticeable about you.

The special person now in your life speaks this language with you even when you are not together. You connect with this positive energy and it makes your heart sing!!

Love Is The Answer
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Remember .... NO ONE is PERFECT. We all have "stuff!"

We can strive for perfection and that is healthy but that just means we are doing the best we can with ourselves with what we have at the time.

A wonderful way to be to be PERFECTLY happy with the person you LOVE.
Someone who makes you feel good, feel safe, feel comfortable. Someone you can be yourself with and enjoy it tremendously! Someone you can feel good about even when they are not with you.

L.I.T.A. - Love Is The Answer

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One of the biggest reasons for disagreements is that two people are looking at the same thing but each is seeing it differently. The interesting part is that BOTH can be correct with their different answers.

Let me ask you two questions:

1 - What TWO days of the week start with ht e letter "T"

2 - How many seconds are in a year?

The first questions seems a bit easier .... depending on how you look at both of them.

OK - The TWO answers I gave are:

1 - Today and Tomorrow

2 - 12

Today is a day of the week and so is Tomorrow.

Now you may ask how I came up with 12 seconds ..........

The 2nd of January ....
The 2nd of February ....
The 2nd of March ..... = 12 seconds - the 2nd of each month.

BOTH answers to each question are actually correct, it all depends on your perception.

When you are in a conversation (especially with your special someone), remember to pay attention ... listen to understand so that you can both be on the same page. If your special someone has a different point of view, please remember that it may also be a valid point of view.

Do everything you do with LOVE!!
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Love a gift for what is inside the box, not the wrapping on the outside!

Gifts come in all sizes and styles. The wrappings can be from quite simple to fancy and elaborate ...... 🎁🎊

To appreciate a real gift ... you must look deep inside the gift .... not just the wrapping. The same goes for a woman ........ 🌹🌹

You get to truly appreciate and love a real woman for who she is inside. It's much more than beauty, more than sex, more than sweet perfume and much more than money. 🌹❤️🌹

A woman really worth loving is a woman who cares for you 🌹 .... a woman who understands you 🌹...... a woman who realizes that you are not perfect but loves you anyway 🌹.... a woman willing to help you become the best version of yourself🌹 .... a woman willing to give you a little push when you need that little push🌹. She is there for you and she proves it by everything she does for you. ♥️

To show your gratitude and appreciation for this special woman ... you get to do all the same for her as well!

L.I.T.A. - Love Is The Answer 🌹❤️🌹❤️🌹
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A thought for the day ..........

Bring your special someone a single red rose. Attach a small note ...... nothing lengthy ...... just a few words ....... from your heart .......... to your honey's heart ............

I love you .........

You are the only one in my heart ........

Each time I think of "us" - I think of "one" .........

I saw this rose .... and it reminded me of you ..........

Having you in my life .... is more beautiful than this rose .......

These are a few thoughts you might consider .... or .... let your own heart do the thinking and put that thought on paper .... just a few words .... one short but powerful sentence that expresses your feelings for your special someone.

Wishing you all love and happiness forever!!

LITA - love Is The Answer

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Happy Friday my friends .........

The week is just about over ... the leaves are still turning all those bright Fall colors. The seasons change and so do we.

Begin to unwind ..... think about your plans for tonight or the weekend ahead. Do something special with your special someone. It's lightly raining here on my island. The temp outside is not too bad and it should get into the 70's today. It's really one of those lazy days.

I have made a date with my honey for Saturday. Every now and then we plan a "date" with each other. Just the two of us. We'll stay in, for the most part .... share a nice meal .... a bottle of wine .... and some good conversation. We get to "catch-up" with each other.

I wish all my G+ friends a Happy Friday and a fabulous weekend ahead. Dare to be exciting ... be bold .... or not!! Just enjoy the time with your special someone.
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Happy Halloween my friends!!

Hummmmm - well ..... we have a black cat ...... her name is Elvira.

My honey went to work this morning with her pointed hat ..... her cape .... and her broom!!!!! No kidding!! She has a poster on her classroom door - "I can drive a stick - can you??" - With a picture of her broom on it!! The kids love it.

Besides ... it's Halloween ..... tonight when the sun goes down ...... who wouldn't want to be alone in the dark with the special someone they love!!

Wishing everyone a safe and Happy Halloween!! May all your tricks be fun ones and all your treats be delicious!!
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Honesty ......... is always the best way to go.

Remember how I see people ... "How a person does anything is how they do everything." When you are honest, you never have to "remember" the story you told at the time. The truth is real and everlasting.

Truth can be painful but it will help you to heal, to recover. It's the best route to take. You can be honest and be tactful about it. Never try to hurt someone with your honesty. You can be assertive without being aggressive.

Lies are like pain killers .... they may seem to help at the moment but the real truth is still there waiting to be cured ..... to be dealt with properly. You will keep feeling the pain from the lie until you expose it.

If a person is worth having in your life ... it is worth being honest with them always.
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