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Jim Cramer explains that while Bed Bath & Beyond's quarter wasn't good, they should be getting more credit for investing in the future.
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Is it time to buy Home Depot (HD) too? Down 3% today. Strong American company with a good dividend. Just hit a 52wk high yesterday. Do I need to wait until this comes down a little further?
Really?! BBBY!? Bellow 60, maybe :) But I see the point and I totally agree with you +Jim Cramer, the stock is getting cheap... but here is a question, if jobs are not contributing to a better economy, will people save money or buy a new bed? I'm skeptic about it.

+Jason Putnik, I'm not sure about HD. If the aim is fix income, maybe, else, no. I'm not a specialist on the matter but consider this: the stock is on a 10 year high.
I wish i could get a peice of a good stock its hard for me to get off the ground
Hi +Dallas Deary, tell me about it! I just started venturing in stock investments. It is indeed very hard to find value stocks. My bets: AMD ($AMD) and Corning ($GLW) at the moment. Long term: Definitely Corning. :) What do you think?
What do u think of stocks in the 3D printing area. I've been reading a lot of good things about this. Used in all fields from medical to auto n lots more. Two stocks to check out n maybe have one of the CEO's on your show Mad Money $DDD and $DASTY Check them out if u like. Thanks from a Big Fan 
$DDD year to date up 120%
$DASTY up 14% year to date
Sounds like a up and coming big thing. T.R. Price and Motley Fool talk about 3D printing being the next big money maker
+ken wheeler when I see a 120% YTD valuation, my stomach turns. I get that bear feeling. I understand they reduced the printer's price, but still the printer takes a lot of time to print something. $31.67 for $DDD is too much for me (I'm just starting in stock investing)

However, $DASTY (at $100) looks solid to me because of the Defense business. That is the business that surely keeps the stock that expensive I believe. Plus, you got a dividend that $DDD hasn't.

If $DDD brings a dividend in the game, then maybe it is worth the shot. But usually this high technology starting companies need the cash for R&D.

Am I talking boloney? 
How are you in stock investment. I'm overwhelmed. Lol
+Dallas Deary just don't give up. And be very very patient with the market. If it get red, don't through the towel.

I follow a simple formula: information + gut feeling. Probably not the best way. We will know soon enough :)

+Dallas Deary in what companies are you betting?
None yet my interest have been with small guys like Sears, crackerbarrel and southwest airlines
I have to research other company's in the field of 3D printing. Do you know of any other stocks? I'm newer than you with buying stocks. Own $GE n $F in which I got real low. $F at 4.00 n added more at 6.00 
+ken wheeler, like I said to +Dallas Deary I'm betting on Corning ($GLW). Impressive product, innovative company, and they know how to do marketing. It will reach the 20-25 USD (plus small dividend to pay the trading fees on the long term) For 3D printing companies, I $SSYS maybe also a call. I would say $DDD has potential to reach $SSYS (USD 45) price.

Stick to $GE and $F. I'm all for dividend paying stocks with solid portfolio of products. Is there anything better than $F? A consistent company, just got back the 'Blue Oval', investing in technology and smart cars. I own $F as well, but at 10.26 (quite high! and against the odds). Nevertheless I am betting on the long run here with $F. Solid consistent growth are the keywords.

$GE is a good call. Stock seem cheap for the size of the company.

Regarding Southwest Airlines, I like it. Once the economy rebounds (and it will) people will travel, and travel a lot. Specially in recovery times, people look for cheap flight.

Putting $LUV and $GE on my watch list.
$SSYS I'll put it on my watch list. Are you on StockTwits ? 
StockTwist? Nope. What is it... Google here I come. :)
You get a lot of info from Pro's n guys like us. Just set up your own watch list. The stocks on ur list will provide info for just ur list. I check it everyday 
High lite one stock and u get a stream of info just for that stock. Have fun
This Stocktwits is great. Already set the account. Cant wait for monday! :)
Post something on $F on StockTwits n I'll start following you 
I just made a post for $F you just click on my name n you can follow me. If you like 
Got it! Sorry for the delay, went for a Run. :)
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